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I am Jack Espinosa, the founder and CEO of Task For Us, a Madrid-based time management and productivity consulting company. We help individuals and companies organise and plan their activities. Allocating some time to this process may seem weird at first, but the results are undeniable. Our company’s methods lead to increased productivity and efficiency, an improved reputation, reduced stress levels, and more business opportunities to the individual and the entire business. No more missed deadlines or low work quality because of ineffective management.

Our Time Management and Productivity Services

  • We Manage the Workflow: Poor workflow is one of the biggest causes of time wasting within the work environment. The sad truth is that most companies have workflow problems, and these inefficiencies often go unnoticed for years, simply because apathy sets in. When you have a routine, it is hard to see its flaws once you get used to it. During the workflow management process, we often eliminate certain procedural steps that don’t do much other than slow everyone down. Without these limiting factors, the workflow becomes more efficient, and the company achieves better results.
  • We Organize Your Workspace: Badly organised workspaces are another major time waster. We help our clients streamline theirs in order to minimise the drag on productivity. Sometimes, this means a complete overhaul, however, we always take the feedback of our clients on board. Maybe all it takes is choosing a different kind of desk. One that’s ideal for the tasks of the worker. Other times the inefficiencies are caused by the technical equipment. Without the right kind of tools, it is very hard to do a good job. Cluttering can be another issue. At time it’s not the lack of equipment quality causing problems, but rather the excess thereof. Once we get rid of little-used equipment, the workplace becomes decluttered and a lot more organised.
  • New Priorities and Goals: Sometimes you have the right desk and equipment, but you have developed bad working habits. Procrastination is one of the most common limiting factors, which can be improved by setting up new priorities and goals. It is important to set attainable goals. Unfortunately, at times, the newfound energy doesn’t last as long as we would want it to and additional creativity is required. It is important to rekindle the fire we have ignited during the initial process. I n-house games and healthy competitions are perfect for this process, particularly because such activities foster heightened motivation levels.
  • Better Time Management: Time wasting and improper organisation are the biggest enemies of work efficiency. When you manage your time better, you can get more done within the same or tighter time frame. Other benefits may also emerge. You become more punctual and less stressed. You also very likely become a better planner, and someone who is likely to bring the plan to fruition. We have also noticed that in many cases, individuals who were able to improve their time management skills adopted these positive changes in other areas of their life. The positive changes can have a tremendous overall impact. Companies employing people with good time management skills, tend to be more profitable.

Whether you are seeking our services as an individual or you want us to change work practices at your company, we are confident we have what it takes to make it happen. Time management and productivity solutions have an impact that cannot be underestimated. Many companies have bad collective habits, and the leaders of such businesses often ignore the warning signs, just because the company is doing reasonably well. If you feel we could help you or your company, do not hesitate to contact us.