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About Our Company

I am Jack Espinosa, founder and CEO of “Task For Us, a Madrid-based time management and productivity consulting company. I have an economics and a business management degree, and spent decades working in the field. At Task For Us, our job is to increase individual and company productivity through a variety of practical and training solutions. We provide anything from simple tips to extensive training. By analysing the production process, we can identify possible weaknesses and suggest changes in work practices to increase productivity.

Each week, companies continue to spin their wheels without ever doing anything about their time management. We created this website two years ago to provide an information hub for any individual or companies wishing to improve time management. The website has now a huge following, we cater for thousands of readers and advertisers who can share in our success.

The Benefits of Improved Time Management

Everyone knows time is a very valuable asset in the world of business. Roughly 40% of small business owners consider it their most important asset, and that ratio is likely higher in the corporate world, where efficiency triumphs over everything else. If an individual or a company can embrace certain principles and implement them practically, they can reap numerous benefits for individuals, as well as the entire corporation.

  • Doing More: One of the clear benefits of improved time management is work efficiency and ease. Subsequent to time management training, many people report higher work efficiency. Workers invest a similar effort without all the stresses and strains. The same amount of work takes less time and deadlines are met much more easily.
  • Better Decisions: When you have time to make decisions, those decisions tend to wiser. Having more energy – another positive side effect of proper time management – is crucial as well. People make better decisions when they have more energy.
  • More Opportunities: One of the more underrated aspects of improved time management is having more opportunities. In many cases, companies are not able to avail of arising opportunities simply because they do not have the capacity to pursue them. Poor time management causes both short and long-term damage to the company.
  • Improved Success: The most important aspect of better time management is the ability to do better at an individual and corporate level. The most successful companies unequivocally have a great time management structure in place. Such companies progress through work tasks more efficiently and are in a position to avail of each opportunities as they arise.

We Challenge You

We have worked with many companies in the past. We help implement new strategies, and encourage company leaders and owners to be objective and realistic about their business. We ask them to think outside of the box, and together, we can get the results they all strive to achieve. Time management heavily involves teamwork. When every single employee of a company can work in unison, the whole system becomes more efficient. When we work with a company, our goal is leave them re-energized and motivated, ready to tackle any difficulties. We show a blueprint that works both on the individual and corporate levels.

Our Plans for the Blog

If you read our blog, you can find valuable tips, and more detailed information on how you can improve your individual or company time management. We feel it is important to share applicable, relevant content with our audience so they can create the cycle of effective time management. Whether you need to simply tidy up your workspace or stop procrastination, our blog can provide you a bundle of ideas that will help you take that next step. You will be able to manage your to-do list more efficiently, and enjoy all the benefits that comes from improved task and time management.