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At Task For Us, we have a dedicated team creating content, and many of us have previous experience as a guest publishers. When you decide to write articles or blog posts on the internet, guest posting is a good way to start out. For starters, you don’t have to create a website, and you don’t have to have tons of experience either. You can put your name out there without too much pressure and still benefit from it, if you do well that is. If you would like to write and publish your post here, we can provide an excellent platform and a staggering 16,000 unique visitors per month.


The Benefits

Becoming a guest blogger on this website has many benefits, and don’t think for a moment that none of them include monetary opportunities. If you have an already developing niche, you can make money in a variety of ways. Your goals can be short or long-term. If you decide to contribute to my blog, you can expect these benefits in return:

  • More Visibility: By writing for us, you can put your name out there. We have 16,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis. Whether you want to build your credibility as a writer or bring more traffic to your own blog, you can achieve it here. We have worked hard to build our readership, and we are willing to share this wealth with talented guest bloggers.
  • Bigger Social Media Footprint: The social media scene is extremely important these days. We have considerable networking experience you can benefit from, and through our social media channels, you can build your own reputation as a top-notch writer.
  • Bigger Platform: In many cases, writers are stuck in limbo. They can create high quality content, but their platform is simply not bit big enough to get the message out there. If they write in a niche that does not attract that many people, they are in an even tougher situation. A bigger platform can circumvent this problem. With a bigger audience, you will also receive more feedback, which is crucial to improving your writing skills.
  • More Link Power: If you write for a popular blog, your search engine reputation increases. If you use backlinks to your own site on a well-populated website, you can reap considerable rewards. If you start to make the top 100, and then the top 50 or even top 10 lists, your backlinks will have more firepower than ever before. If you decide to write for my website, you can count on a number of tools and resources to help you take your project to the next level.
  • Writing Skills: One of the most obvious benefits of becoming a guest blogger is being able to improve your skills. When you know that you will write for a sizable readership, you tend to take the opportunity more seriously, and put more energy into it. It is much easier to be motivated when you have a lucrative opportunity to create content, as opposed to just writing and hoping that some people will see it. It is entirely possible to build an audience that way, but it is much quicker to do it with the help of an already existing platform.

If you want to submit a guest post to my blog, here are the topics that currently interest us:

  • Banks
  • Blogging
  • Business News
  • Corporations
  • Small Businesses
  • Credits and Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Employee Management
  • Financial News
  • Insurance
  • Investment Ideas
  • Paying Taxes
  • Stock Trading
  • Task Management
  • Time Management

Some potential blog post titles:

“Time Management within the Gruelling Corporate Environment”

“Redesigning the Company Process”

“The Financial Rewards of Time Management”

We Can Make This Happen Rather Easily

If you want to be a guest contributor on our website, you can simply reach out to us on any channel you prefer. We want to help talented bloggers get the visibility they deserve, and if they can use our resources and online reputation as a stepping-stone towards that goal, that’s a win-win for everybody. If you want to join our team, simply send us an email, or fill out the form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our readers have greatly enjoyed each and every guest post we have ever published. Many are now proud subscribers to the websites and blogs of our guest contributors. Indeed, having a guest post published here can provide you with the springboard to a successful blogging career.