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Why Outsourcing IT Support is a Great Investment

A lot of business owners might be reluctant to outsource, especially when it comes to IT. The recruitment process may take longer, as a proper DBS check on approved candidates is advisable. However, what they are not realizing is that having someone in-house is not necessarily the safest option. It’s often not the most cost-effective one either.

Not everyone has the resources to truly ensure the security of their network and data. Finding good people can also be difficult. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why outsourcing IT support could be a great investment for your business.

Great Skillset

One of the benefits of working with a managed IT service is that they will have a greater set of skills at their disposal. If you hire one person to handle IT support, they might say that they have expertise in certain things just so they don’t look incompetent. But they are bound to have some blind spots, and these could end up being disastrous for your company. IT services have a reputation to uphold and have a much greater hiring capacity. They have people who can handle virtually anything you need either in-house or through their list of subcontractors.

No HR Issues

What happens if your IT professional decides to call in sick? What happens if they have to go for an indefinite period. Do you find someone on the spot who knows nothing about your network and needs? How do you even find such a person if you have limited experience yourself?

In the end, if you don’t know about IT, it will be difficult for you to find someone who does. Someone might look good on paper and in person, but they may be blowing hot air. Only once something catastrophic happens will you discover that they were not up for the job. You won’t have these kinds of issues if you’re working with a well-experienced, tried and tested managed it services company.


Another great thing about working with a reputable outsourced IT service is availability. Top firms like Fishers technology (if interested, check out office supplies in Spokane) can provide you with 24/7 service. This isn’t something you can easily get if you’re thinking of hiring in-house, and it might be excessively costly. Being able to call on someone no matter the time of day or night is essential for a company that relies a lot on its network. Issues that aren’t addressed fast can quickly become worst.

For instance, you or your provider might notice some strange activity on your network. You or they could notify the other that there might be a breach in action and this could give you the time to not only stop the attack but catch the culprit at well.


If you’re a budding small or medium startup with a tight budget, then it usually makes more sense to outsource IT from a financial standpoint. You won’t have to spend as much on a team, equipment, licenses, etc. This could give you the room to breathe until you scale up and can consider the option of hiring in-house.


As you can see, outsourcing your IT support could be a great option for your business for several reasons. If you still have reservations, we suggest that you speak with a few services starting today and see what they can do for you.