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What type of businesses could benefit from an app in 2020?

Thought only takeaways and taxi companies could benefit from an app in 2020? Think again! If this year has taught us anything, it’s that giving customers an easy way to communicate with businesses online is essential.

While we’d all hope that we never see another global pandemic like COVID again in our lifetime, as this year has proved, you just can’t predict these things. COVID crisis aside, when it comes to customer loyalty, owning a business app is the way forward.

Luckily, making your own app nowadays is as simple as using one of the best app builders with a drag and drop function. You don’t need to know how to code to make an app, and nor do you have to spend thousands of dollars outsourcing to a professional. Simply select a template, make it your own, and let a team of software experts publish it for you.  

If you don’t already have an app for your business, here are just a small number of businesses that can benefit most from this handy mobile marketing tool.

1.       Pubs and clubs

If you’re in the entertainment industry and you don’t already have an app, you’re seriously missing out. The thought of visiting your pub or club is probably one of the biggest motivators for your loyal customer base to get through the working week.

Having your own mobile app can help you to amp up the excitement by offering deals and discounts for visitors. You could also encourage more customers to visit in off-peak hours by enticing them with by-one-get-one-free offers, special events, or half-price tickets. You can send push notifications directly to your customers’ phones, ensuring they never miss out on your deals again.

2.       Restaurants and cafes

Apps with an integrated online food ordering system allow you to run your restaurant with maximum efficiency. Rather than wasting time with food servers and person-to-person bar orders, you can use a mobile app to skip the unnecessary interaction and encourage customers to make an order with a couple of taps on their phones.

A mobile app is one of the best restaurant technology offers to implement if you haven’t already. You can use your app not only to simplify customer processes, but also to encourage customers to return again and again with offers they can’t resist. If your business does takeaway delivery, you can allow customers to make orders and pay on your app, giving you full profit with no percentage cut taken from an online food ordering platform.

3.       Beauty salons

How do you currently take bookings at your beauty salon? If you still have a hand-written diary with notes from phone calls, you could make your service much more automated by offering an all-in-one booking platform on your very own app.

Having an app frees up your time, meaning you can focus on your clients rather than answering the phone and replying to emails. You can use your app to show customers exactly when you’re open and which slots are free on which days. Your customers can then simply book a slot on their phone, with no need to email or call you in advance. To encourage repeat custom, you can add a virtual loyalty card to your app, offering freebies or discounts after so many visits.

4.       Medical and healthcare centres

A patient’s experience starts with your medical centre starts long before their actual appointment. Having your own app for your healthcare business will ensure your patients are best looked after at a time they feel most vulnerable, right from the very beginning stages of booking an appointment.

If you take the example of chronic disease management programs, an app specifically built for this program can simplify things for your patients, advising them on which slots are free and prompting booking. You can even design your app to provide tailored information to the user, including personalised health stats and a place to order repeat prescription medication.

5.       Estate agents

For your customers in the very first stages of looking for a new home, having to visit your office in-person is often an unnecessary inconvenience. While they’re still shopping around, if your customers can browse through their options on your estate agents’ app, they can take the buying process at their own pace and won’t need to bother you with enquiries.

You can tailor your app to your clients’ requirements, suggesting properties based on their previous searches and providing a full image gallery for each home. You can also minimize time spent on email and phone calls by integrating an online booking system, where customers can make appointments directly through your app.

6.       Charities and good causes

Many people are extremely loyal to the local charities and good causes they donate to. Creating an app for your local charity will not only help to spread the word about what you do, but also encourage those who know about you to follow more closely along with your journey.

Apps for charities can be used for multiple purposes in one: educating readers, touching their hearts, and encouraging them to take action. You may also use your app to increase awareness about an event or some important information relating to your good cause.