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What Are the Top Talent Looking for Post-Pandemic?

Whether you are starting a new business and need an initial team for the launch or are running a business and have hit a growth phase that has seen you in need of more employees to join the team, the main aim is to get the best people interested in working for your company. Hiring the best professionals available will not only give you access to the top talent but also to professionals who are experienced, dedicated to what they do, and excited to help your business succeed. But how do you get your job ads in front of these kinds of people? Here are some of the main things that the top professionals in most industries are looking for when it comes to a new job.

Rewards and Benefits

With huge skills shortages in lots of industries, many employees have more freedom to ask what’s in it for them and hop around from job to job to make the most of their skills. The truth is that if your business is not offering great employee benefits and rewards, then there is going to be another company hiring that is, and they will get more attention. Employees today are demanding more than just the basics from their employers, especially if they themselves are willing to go the extra mile to get work done. Consider offering sought-after benefits like retirement plans, health insurance, and supplemental benefits – compare Nations Benefits with other options here.


The pandemic has well demonstrated the importance of having a financial safety net. Now there certainly is an increased awareness amongst people regarding life and health insurance. Earlier companies used to insure only the key members of the company by obtaining key man insurance (click here to learn more about it), to keep their operations unaffected even when those key figures fell ill or pass away unexpectedly. The scenario has changed now and each employee seems to be demanding health or life insurance from the company. They are more likely to accept jobs at a firm that is willing to offer comprehensive health insurance, disability insurance, and other types of insurance that can provide protection in the event of a crisis.

Flex Time

These days, flex time has almost become a norm in a lot of industries thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you aren’t in a position to allow all your staff to work remotely every day of the week, it’s worth offering flexi-time wherever you can. The idea of flex time is quite simple – instead of having everybody start at 9 AM, employees are free to work the hours that are best for them, provided they fill their normal quota of hours and get everything they need to do done. For many employees, this adds an additional layer of autonomy that leads to more satisfaction, and therefore more productivity in the workplace.

Remote or Hybrid Working

While remote working isn’t necessary for our health any longer as it was just a couple of years ago, the world of work is changing, and more and more employers are continuing to keep the work-from-home model. This is mainly because they see the benefits that it can have for both employers and employees. Working from home is less stressful for employees and cheaper because there is no commute, ultimately leading to more satisfaction and productivity. So, it’s no surprise that the top talent today are looking for at least a hybrid model, where they can work from home some of the week and come into the office for the rest.

If you’re trying to hire the best team after COVID19, worker priorities have changed. Offering these as standard with your job openings will help you attract better talent to your company and put together an effective, successful team.