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Understanding the Financial Cost of Pest Infestation to Business Ventures

According to research by opinion wire, 90% of businesses surveyed recently reported at-least one pest infestation in the past five years. Consequently, such companies increased their operating costs in terms of repairs, maintenance, and even replacements due to the infestation.

The assumption that only the hospitality industry suffers pest infestation is wrong. Pest, be it squirrels, rats, mice, bugs, cockroaches or ants do not discriminate on which business to attack. All types of businesses worldwide, whether big or small, are vulnerable to pest infestation.

It is recommended to hire a local ant control expert to prevent pest infestations that might cost you thousands of dollars in the future. Here are the financial impacts of pest infestations to your business.

Damaged Business Reputation

With keen customers, presence of pests in your business premises or goods delivered may get too much publicity on social media. A single photo is all that it takes. News spread fast on social media platforms, and your business negative publicity is more than likely to go viral. Your business will be viewed as unsafe and may cast doubts into your business competency.

However, the business has to continue, and you may have to spend a few thousand dollars on managing your reputation online and offline. Typically, you will hire PR strategist and online reputation managers to try and make it look like the pest presence is an isolated case – or a few isolated cases.

Reduced Productivity

It may also lead to a negative impact on staff morale as they may be trolled online. Also, the very presence of pests within the business premises may affect your employee’s confidence to execute different tasks without fear of being bitten and getting all sorts of diseases. If your employees get ill as a result of encountering pests within the office, you are looking at a compensation claim made against your company. The only way to prevent this kind of chaos is to call a Pest Control service for thorough disinfection, the moment you see the first sign of infestation.

Business Shutdown

Any report of pest infestation, even a single rat, can draw the attention of environmental and health service authorities. A thorough investigation will be commissioned, and if your business is found to be pest-infested, you may have to close down to allow for pest control experts (such as those available on, for instance) to resolve the same.

It depends on the level of infestation; for some businesses, it may be temporary for others permanent. For restaurants and companies dealing with food products, it is likely to cause permanent closure since pests are disease carriers, and customers are at risk if they consume your products. Closing is a colossal loss of revenue for any business. Also, your business will incur costs in terms of penalties and fines.

Damage to Property and Merchandize

Pest, especially rodents, can chew into things, be it office furniture, wood, documents, and even electric wiring, leaving the office vulnerable. This can cost considerably to businesses since they have to set aside a budget for repairs and maintenance of the office due to damage caused by rodents. The best way to prevent such expensive damages is to invest in Pest Control. This involves the use of traps and poison to capture and eliminate the pests, or the use of ultrasonic devices that release a sound frequency that repels the pests.

Wrap Up

The effects of pest infestation to businesses in times of increased operational costs, as well as possible loss of revenue due to closure, cannot be ignored. Businesses need to invest in pest control systems with routine inspections.