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Understand the Benefits of IT Penetration Testing

When cybercriminals target your network, they are essentially trying to penetrate it. Whether they want to plant a virus or steal your data, getting through the front door is always the first step.

During penetration testing, you allow IT professionals to run tests to see if they can gain access to your system. They’ll employ the same kinds of tactics a cybercriminal would, but with no malicious intentions or results.

Here are just a few reasons why penetration testing is a good idea.

Avoid Potential Security Issues 

The most important and obvious benefit of penetration testing is ensuring your IT network is properly protected. It might seem like everything is up to scratch, but certain vulnerabilities could have left a chink in your digital armour. Penetration testing will show where such vulnerabilities lie. IT professionals can then patch things up to make sure protection is as strong as possible. Carrying out penetration testing often means catching a potential security issue before it becomes a problem.

Ensure All Regulations Are Met

It’s common for businesses to think so much about how network security breaches affect their profits that they forget about regulations. As a business, you are obligated to meet various security requirements when you handle other people’s data. Penetration testing can help you avoid high fines and a loss of client confidence by ensuring your network meets all regulations. Conducting a pentest can both ensure the security and safety of business data, as well as keeping in compliance with various regulations.

Keep Your System Up to Date

The main goal of penetration testing is getting to grips with security to ensure your network enjoys the completest protection from cyberattacks. However, penetration testing can reveal more about your network than security alone. For example, you might be using a type of firewall that slows down your network or two incompatible pieces of software. You might even find you’re spending too much on the wrong type of cyber security solutions, so penetration testing can save you money as well as keep you protected.