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Trade Show Stands Give Exhibitors A Polished Image, Convenience And Value

For companies whose marketing plans include trade shows, it’s always a challenge to strike the right balance between economy and professional image in display materials. You need your display to bring in traffic and help you win business without costing a fortune or requiring a logistics team to transport and set up.

You also need to make enough of an impact that attendees remember your business even after the event. To do this, businesses often take various approaches. From eye-catching visuals and interactive displays to engaging demonstrations and giveaways, the goal is to create a memorable experience for attendees. A particularly clever tactic includes researching how to make a custom magic 8 ball with personalized answers and handing them out at the event. After all, in today’s competitive market, the key to success lies not only in the quality of your offerings but also in how effectively you captivate and engage your audience on the trade show floor.

Speaking of which, many also use a portable display system based on trade show stands with custom banners. That way, you can send a single person for set up and still reap the benefits of powerful visual impact. What are some other essentials of a trade show setup? Let’s find out.

  • Transport Made Easy – Because the width of the backwall is split into three or four sections, which are mounted in separate banner stands, a portable system packs easily into one or two containers that a single person can manage. Some systems come in ready-to-ship cases and others offer storage containers that can double as a table in the booth, once the display is unpacked. Your display is protected when not in use, so it will look crisp and new every time you put it up.
  • Solo Set-Up – Sometimes, you don’t want to send your entire team to a show a day early for set-up. And this is quite understandable. Thus, to provide you with this flexibility, there are premium trade show display rental stands that generally come equipped with retractable banners so that even one person can finish setting it up in just about 15 minutes. With smart features like shock-corded banner hanging poles, there are no hassles, and it’s nearly impossible to make a mistake in setting up.
  • Flexible Design Options – Custom exhibition stands offer nearly unlimited design options, so you can create a display that reflects your brand image and grabs the attention of prospects. In the simplest configuration, your stands will each have one banner, so you can have them match or use them as a triptych. For a more dimensional look, you can choose a layered display with two banners on each stand; the front one is shaped so that the banner behind it shows.
  • Change It Up – Because the banners are mounted on removable cartridges inside the trade show stands, you can swap out your banners whenever you like, and it’s a snap – literally. Additional banners are more economical than replacing graphics on a single-piece backwall, so you can change as often as your marketing plan demands. You can keep your core message on the center banner and change the other two out to spotlight new products or key drivers, change the entire backwall seasonally, or create targeted versions of your message for different markets.
  • Reconfigure With Ease – Another great advantage to using banner stands for your trade show display is that it’s easy to shift your display as needed to fit any given space. If you need to fit in a narrower booth, you can angle the outside banners inward, or move the center panel slightly forward and shift the outside panels toward center behind it. If your space is wider than usual, simply space the banners out to fill the space. If your display grows in future, the trade show stands can be used at the front of your booth or along the sides to increase display space.