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Top tips for designing stunning custom school ties

Custom school ties can be a great addition to any school uniform. A school tie gives students a sense of unity, whilst looking smart and allowing students to learn the skill of tying a tie! Here are some top tips to consider when designing custom school ties…

  • Choose your material

One thing to consider when designing school ties is that it is likely that are going to be regularly worn. Polyester is arguably the best material choice for school ties; it is more cost-effective than silk whilst being hardwearing making it an ideal option for daily use.  Another benefit of polyester ties is that they are easier to clean than silk ties.

  • What colours do you want to incorporate in your ties

Whether you want your ties to match the colours in your school crest or you want to have different coloured ties to represent different houses or year groups, your options are endless! It’s a good idea to take into account the fabrics, patterns and colours you already use within other parts of your school uniform to ensure you create something that compliments what you already have. For example if your students already wear a blazer consider the contrast of the tie when worn with the blazer.

  • Consider including a crest/logo

Logo ties are a great way to create a sense of identity within your school – they are something that can be worn by the whole school! They are a great way to create something that is truly unique, they often add a nice pop of colour and they are an effective way to give your uniform a smart touch.

  • Consider clip-on ties

Clip-on ties are becoming an increasingly popular choice for schools. They create a uniform look whilst safeguarding against accidental pulling of the tie. Clip-on ties may also be a more comfortable option for students as they do not actually wrap around the neck.

  • Think about finishing touches

Check out this UK manufacturer – they stitch labels into their school ties for pupils to write their names (as standard). Other than labels there are a range of finishing touches to consider when designing custom ties. What type of weave do you want for your ties? Rather than having plain lining on your ties you could further customise them by specifically choosing the colour of your lining or weaving your logo/name into the lining fabric.

Your school can certainly benefit from custom school ties, they are a great way to tie your uniform together and create something your students can be proud to wear. For more information on creating your own unique ties check out this UK manufacturer, they specialise in custom ties and also offer wholesale school ties!