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Top Careers in Finance To Boost Your Earning Potential

There are numerous jobs in the finance sector that allow you to earn big bucks. However, the industry is fiercely competitive, and many require entry qualifications to get a foot in the door. With the world of finance expanding every day, there are plenty of opportunities to grab the chance to pave a career in this field.

If you’re looking to break into the industry, choosing a specialism is a great starting point. The term finance encompasses everything from banking to investment and beyond. So to make the choice a little easier, here are some top career options to consider.

1. Economic analysis

This interesting field of work analyses vast areas of the economy to discover trends and predictions. One of the most common careers in this sector is Economic Analyst. It is perfect for anyone who loves crunching numbers, analyzing data, and tracking market trends. These jobs are found in many financial institutions, including investment banks, financial market consultancies, and money management companies. There is also the opportunity to work in the public sector. Individuals looking to get into this job require a degree and higher qualifications such as these at

2. Portfolio Management

If you’re new to portfolio management, this job is often described as one of the most prestigious in the sector. In most cases, you’ll need a college degree and graduate degree to be in with a chance.

Portfolio managers oversee client investments and advise on strategy and decisions to fulfill the client’s goals. Many portfolio managers specialize in particular investment classes. Some examples include equities, high-yield bonds, and blockchain.

This job is lucrative but comes with a hefty responsibility because portfolio management trends can change over time. That is why portfolio managers might need to keep track of the latest Portfolio management trends, so that they can guide their clients accordingly.

3. Trading

Want to experience life on Wall Street and get the buzz of the trading floor? Well, a career in trading could be for you. However, for the most part, you can get all that without stepping foot inside these days. This job involves buying and selling a range of things such as stocks, currency, and commodities. Traders work for different companies and are most commonly found in investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management organizations. In some cases, traders have worked their way up the ranks to reach this spot, but having a solid education behind you is advisable.

4. Investment banking

This institution typically works with governments, corporations, and other large firms to strategize and raise capital. There are several strings to the bow in this type of role. First, many investment bankers specialize in a specific field to gain expertise and bigger salaries. Typical jobs within an investment bank include mergers and acquisitions, private equity, underwriting, and venture capital. This sector can be pretty challenging to break into but having a good education and drive to learn is a bonus.

Careers in the finance sector can be stressful, but they also provide a wealth of benefits alongside a satisfying salary. Plus, they are perfect for anyone with a passion for numbers and analysis.