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Tips for finding the perfect work and life balance

Business minded people have lots in common

Whether you are the CEO of one of the top 5 or if you are just starting out with a small homemade venture, there are small uniting factors that we all share at some level. Wanting to be successful is a driving factor for many people, as is the desire to earn money and have an easy life style. Many business people may want to continue to grow their ideas, companies and investments. Finding new partnerships and collaborations are also a motivating factor for those that run their own companies.

Whilst many of these good points might be shared among the business orientated, there are also a few negative factors that might sound familiar too.

Finding a balance

Those that have their own businesses often feel the pressure to be successful more than others. Since it is your own venture and dream that you are making into reality, you are likely to work harder both physically and mentally. Not only that, but since you are in charge of other staff, you have a large responsibility over other people’s livelihood and this can result in extra pressure during your working career. You may also feel the demand to appease buyers and partners and ensure customers are happy. There may also be a strong desire to keep a high reputation and a struggle to keep the books afloat. Taking all of this into consideration, it is easy to see how many business people often fail to ‘balance’ work and other aspects in their lives.

What is a good balance?

More often than not, work is an important and vital part of life. However, the most people do not want to spend every hour working. It is considered bad for mental health and relationships to spend too much time dedicated to earning money and securing business.

Those that spend ‘too much time at work’ often miss out on fun and more personal moments. Perhaps they miss out on finding and establishing a relationship, or perhaps they allow current relationships to feel neglected. Other common issues are missing out on family. This may mean forgetting your parent’s birthday or even missing a child’s important moments.

Whatever might be at stake from working too hard, it is worth seeking a healthy work-life balance to promote your own happiness and well-being. For you to maintain a balance between work and life, you may need to adopt various methods depending on how much stress and workload you face in your profession. If you are a designer, for example, there are a lot of things to consider as a designer including yoga, meditation, eating nutritious food, exercising, and taking CBD products to maintain a healthy mental and physical state, which leads to a successful work-life balance as well. Of course, if CBD isn’t quite strong enough for what you are looking for, and you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, you may be able to find something a little stronger in your city (for example, if you’re in Detroit, you may wish to check out

How to balance work and life

There are many simple tips on how to find a healthier balance between work and the rest of your life

  1. Get a cleaner. It might sound silly, but a cleaner both at work and at home can save you a large quantity of time and also provide a nicer environment to live and work in. It would be best to get a trustworthy cleaner so you have less to worry about such as the nice people at Trusted Cleaners Milton Keynes.
  2. Learn how to prioritise. Many things in work can wait, for example, that spreadsheet will still be there to finish tomorrow. However, personal relationships and families will not be able to wait in the same manner. Take time to prioritise the people in your life and the benefits will be huge.
  3. Engage in Self-pleasure. Self-pleasure has many benefits, including reducing stress, improving one’s mood, and releasing endorphins. It can also help to increase one’s self-confidence and help them to better understand their own pleasure. You can engage in self-pleasure either by watching porn on a site similar to Sex Movr or by simply relying on your imagination and dream-like fantasies, depending on what works best for you.
  4. Get a plant. Having plants (and sometimes even easy-to-manage pets) can provide a really positive mental boost in the office. This may make you more productive and give you more time to spend away from your desk.
  5. Say yes to more things. The next time your old friend invites you around to dinner, say yes! Don’t use work as an excuse – make time to see your pals. You will feel refreshed and may have a new perspective on that work issue. Spending time completely away from work issues always makes you more efficient in the long run.