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The UK’s Most Common Home Improvement Projects

Over 60% of British residents have one type of home improvement project they are planning to carry out. From getting a new kitchen, bathroom and loft, research shows most home improvement will cost between 2,000- 5,000.


According to research compiled by TNS BMRB, heating is one of the most popular home improvements in the UK. Every year, when winter draws near and the nights become colder, many homeowners spend money on installing central heating or a new boiler system.

Apart from the benefit of having warmth in your home interior, it increases the value of your home. You save up to 40% on energy bills with an efficient boiler.

A new kitchen

A recent survey asked UK homeowners what their dream improvement would be. A new kitchen was top of the list with 37% of the vote. Sadly, the high cost of a kitchen upgrade prevents 63% of us from carrying out home improvement.

Many homeowners have put off some kind of home improvement project for years, even when they know it adds value to their property and increases comfort. A good option is to take out a loan and pay back over a pre-determined timeframe

Home irrigation systems

Yes, there has been a significant rise in growing interest and adoption of irrigation systems among UK homeowners that are either concerned with efficient use of water or maintaining attractive outdoor spaces, or both. If your property comes with gardens or large outdoor areas, you may require efficient home irrigation systems such Sprinkler Installation, drip irrigation, soaker hoses, or other methods based on your needs. This can involve installing new systems, repairing existing ones, or upgrading to more efficient technologies. Therefore, professionals offering these services are in demand, making it an essential aspect of home improvement in the UK.

Loft conversion

There’s been a 43% increase in the number of UK homeowners carrying out loft conversions in the past half-decade. Whether you love a dormer, gable-end, Velux or Mansard loft conversion, it’s a fantastic way to increase floor space in your home and get that extra bedroom you’ve always wanted without moving houses.


Research has shown that 49% of home buyers will pay more for a house with an en-suite master bath. It has become more critical in the past decade as homeowners look to “homey” bathrooms that feel like a sanctuary. Bathrooms with double sinks are appealing for married couples.

To reduce the cost of the final bill, homeowners did these two things

  • Instead of using a recommended filter from the bathroom brand they bought from, they found one and
  • bought components online themselves.

Adding a conservatory

Many UK homeowners want to create more space in their home, which makes a conservatory a good idea. While they may have dropped 3% in the past year, it’s still a popular option in the south-east of England, especially around Cornwall and Wiltshire. Homes and Property reported that an extension could add 59,000 to your property price.

Double glazing installation

Double glazed windows are not cheap, but they add aesthetic beauty and insulation properties to your home. Each one could set you back 3,000. If you plan to replace all the existing windows in your house, that’s a sizable bill.

Consider how much you want to pay for each look. You can save money by choosing a UPVC casement window instead of a hardwood window. They are also UPVC windows with wood effects if you want the best of both worlds.

This drive for new home improvement projects is seeing a big increase in demand for UK tradesmen. The market demands professional services that have the right insurance coverage and a strong reputation to carry out some of the different types of work we have outlined above.