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The types of containers for French fries

The taste for French fries comes suddenly; in the street, the shopping mall, whenever we feel hungry. We can usually get them to go, at food trucks or fast food chains. It is probably every child’s favorite snack. They are crunchy and satiating. What do clients expect from fries? -Not only the taste, and the choice between salt and ketchup, but also an attractive and convenient packaging.

Disposable containers

Disposable containers work well within the F&B industry, especially when serving meals to go. They are practical; customers don’t have to return them. Their advantages are their light weight and their look. What’s more, consumers pay attention to them, which makes them an important factor when evaluating the business day.

Envelope-shaped disposable containers are usually designed to hold between 100 to 200 grams of the product. They work well for French fries as well as Belgian fries.

Smaller disposable containers are great for fast food stalls that specialize in takeaway dishes. The most popular are the100g containers. The portion size works well when clients wish to get their quick snack after work.

Cone-shaped and paper trays are also popular in the F&B industry.

A connoisseurs’ convenience

Serving French fries to go, on a regular plate, wouldn’t make sense since there would be a need to return the plate. This option is only available at a sit-down restaurant, where French fries are a side dish for the main course, such as fish. While for takeaway, you may need cardboard or paper french fries envelopes, you could opt for cutlery in various sizes and shapes, which could be bought through Nella Toronto or similar online sellers for eat-in-restaurant customers. The convenience of fast food places is about serving fries in disposable containers shaped either like a cone, an envelope, or a tray; these can be discarded someplace else as well. Having finished the meal, a customer may choose to discard the container in a recycling bin.

The esthetic way to serve food

There’s a known saying in the food industry- people first eat with their eyes. It is true, the esthetic way to serve dishes does have an impact on our taste buds. Both at home and restaurants, we pay attention to the presentation of meals. When buying a meal to go, customers want it to look appetizing. French fries containers satisfy all the expectations in this department. An interesting and tasteful graphic design on a container with the “bon appetite” imprint makes clients satisfied with the dish. Paper envelope containers with printed messages can serve as a business card for a restaurant. These containers will work in any restaurant serving dishes to go and to eat in.

The safety of use

When serving hot French fries, it is important that the container keeps them inside, thus ensuring consumer safety.

Buying dishes to go has gained a lot of popularity, and according to consumer reports, it is here to stay for longer.

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