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The Two Approaches to Successful Affiliate Marketing

It is indeed some sage advice to follow, that of how if you’re looking to get into business and you don’t know exactly what line of business to get into, you should probably try your hand at affiliate marketing. Business and entrepreneurship are about the seller’s spirit, so by no means does not knowing which line of business to follow indicate that you’re not business-minded at all. It’s about the process.

So affiliate marketing is recommended because of how easy it is to get into, part of which easiness is contained in the fact that you pretty much don’t need any start-up capital to get going. Any legit affiliate program should be free to join, but that opens up a whole new discussion about where the money you’ll need to spend comes into effect, which is in the advertising of the offers you’d be marketing. That swiftly brings into focus the two approaches to affiliate marketing that exist and we’re going to discuss them and how to be successful at either one you may choose to pursue.

The niche-selection approach

Often when you read up about how to succeed at affiliate marketing, after being briefed about how much more difficult it is than it looks, you’d be encouraged to pick a niche which you’re passionate about and then create content as a base from which to send out valuable information and slip in an offer now and then. The thinking behind this is that if you explore a niche you’re passionate about then you will never run out of motivation and inspiration to create engaging content.

It’s true enough, except the problem might be that of being stuck with a niche topic that doesn’t have a buying audience. So our advice for success in the case that you select the niche-selection approach to affiliate marketing is that you shouldn’t necessarily seek to sell products that are directly linked to your niche.

For example, if your niche discusses movies, why would anybody want to buy movie subscriptions from you when they perhaps already have subscriptions to the likes of Hulu, Netflix, etc? Instead, keep exploring your niche, but you can offer your subscribers or readers products and services as an affiliate that don’t necessarily fall right under that niche. These movie-fanatics who religiously follow the content you post are likely to shop for smoking accessories from the likes of, aren’t they, since the activity they’re engaged in while watching movies is likely to warrant the purchasing of products from that supplier, right?

The audience-based approach

The audience-based approach to affiliate marketing is more in line with what a true entrepreneur is all about – someone who develops a knack for selling. With this approach you simply seek to sell things as an affiliate to people who already buy those things. The challenge is merely to get them to switch and buy those very products from you instead of their usual suppliers, which means you have to add some value in the manner through which you deliver those offers. Cheaper products of higher quality from the mentioned smoking accessories shop, perhaps?