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The phenomenal growth in E-Sports gaming and gambling on professional gamers

Online entertainment has always been popular with a large number of people all around the world, but it will be even more so in 2021. People have resorted to the internet to watch TV shows, shop online, interact with family and friends, and find new types of entertainment as they have required to spend more time at home.

People had to adopt social separation and many businesses were forced to close throughout 2020 as the whole year was focused on the global pandemic. A lot of industries were impacted because of this, especially the gambling industry, the pandemic forced many land-based casinos to close their doors. Online casinos, on the other hand, were able to remain open in order to offer adult gamers virtual betting and esports betting possibilities.

The popularity of internet gambling was on the rise in 2020, as mentioned previously, the global pandemic, was the course of this, with all sporting events being canceled and postponed, this also meant that people around the world could not bet on any sporting fixtures. This could have been disappointing for a lot of sports betting enthusiasts. People may have resorted to using NY sports betting apps (for the ones residing there) to fulfill their urge to place bets. However, e-sports on the other hand were able to continue as usual, like the pandemic never happened. Professional gamers could still compete in tournaments, the other difference is that these gamers were at home and not at the event itself.

Technology Is important to e-sport gamers because gamers in the e-sport industry weren’t affected as much, they were able to employ technology, from fast Wi-Fi to gaming laptops. These gamers also invested in improving their home-base setup such as buying a gaming chair, better headphones etc.

Sports betting sites like not only provide classic sports like football and cricket, but also e-sports competitions. Online gamers can gamble on available tournaments for popular games like CSGO, Dota 2, Overwatch and many other games.

In 2021, the global e-sports betting marketing is predicted to reach $15 billion, it’s increased so much that in 2016, the global revenue was at $6 billion. Of course, because of online advertising, the advancement of technology, and due to the lockdown, the total global revenue is significant, and this figure will still continue to rise.

Physical casinos vs Online casinos

The difference between land-based casinos and online casinos is that web-based casinos improve the player’s overall experience, Online casinos offer a number of promotional offers and promotions, such as welcome packages, deposit bonuses, cash-out bonuses, and more. These online casinos even allow their customers to deposit their funds using a variety of banking methods like E-wallets, PayPal, Mastercard, and more.

The Allure of Physical Casinos

Physical casinos have long been associated with opulence, entertainment, and the thrill of taking chances. Their grandiose architecture, dazzling lights, and the cacophony of excitement create an atmosphere that is difficult to replicate online. When it comes to e-sports gaming and gambling, physical casinos offer a distinct blend of virtual and real-world experiences. They host live e-sports tournaments, drawing in both players and spectators to witness the action unfold in real-time. The camaraderie among attendees, the palpable tension during pivotal moments, and the opportunity to interact with players face-to-face make physical casinos an enticing option.

In addition to the live event factor, physical casinos provide a sense of credibility and trust that online platforms sometimes struggle to match. For some gamblers, the presence of physical infrastructure adds an extra layer of assurance that their bets are being handled transparently. The human element, from dealers to fellow bettors, creates a social dimension that is often missing in the virtual world.

The Online Casino Advantage

On the other side of the coin, online casinos have capitalized on the digital age’s conveniences and connectivity. They’ve embraced e-sports gaming and gambling, offering a vast array of options to a global audience. The accessibility of online platforms has enabled enthusiasts to participate in e-sports betting from the comfort of their homes, erasing geographical barriers and expanding the industry’s reach. Virtual casinos provide a plethora of game options, from traditional casino games to innovative e-sports betting markets. This adaptability has fueled their popularity, especially among a younger, tech-savvy demographic.

Online casinos also leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance the user experience. Interactive interfaces, real-time odds tracking, and immersive graphics contribute to an engaging environment that mirrors the dynamism of e-sports tournaments. Moreover, the anonymity provided by online platforms appeals to those who prefer a discreet gambling experience. Interested individuals can simply choose a renowned sportsbook with the help of a reputed platform like to begin their gaming adventure from the comfort of their homes.

The Verdict: A Symbiotic Relationship

Rather than a clear winner in this clash, the relationship between physical and online casinos in the e-sports gaming and gambling sphere is symbiotic. Both avenues offer distinctive advantages, catering to different preferences and needs. Physical casinos thrive on the excitement of live events and the tangible aspects of human interaction, while online casinos excel in convenience, accessibility, and technological innovation.

In the end, the phenomenal growth in e-sports gaming and gambling owes much to the harmonious coexistence of these two realms. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s likely that their interplay will only become more intricate, with each platform learning from the strengths of the other to provide a comprehensive and captivating experience for e-sports enthusiasts and gamblers worldwide.