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The Essential Advantages of a Picking and Packing Service for Your Business

One of the biggest challenges for many businesses today is logistics. When it comes to supply chain management, for instance, you know very well that having a streamlined and perfectly organised supply chain can mean the difference between success and failure. Your business operations rely greatly on a well-designed and organised supply chain, and if the chain is broken, this could result in disastrous consequences indeed. Part and parcel of good supply chain management is the distribution of your products, and this last stage is often the most difficult. If you would like nothing more than to improve your product distribution and satisfy your customers, here’s what you should know about the essential advantages of a picking and packing service for your business.

Why pick and pack?

As more and more customers tend to shop online, more companies are faced with new difficulties. Online shopping means that retailers are the ones in charge of the shipping of goods to customers. Because of this, the sector had to find the most efficient way to send and ship a large volume of goods, placing particular focus on cost-effectiveness and a fast turnaround time. And the answer to this problem was clear: a picking and packing service.

What is it?

A picking and packing service is, as its name implies, a service where retailers can store their goods in Plastic Pallets or cases in a warehouse. Then, when they receive an order, the order is processed with the use of the warehouse or pick and pack software. Once the list of the goods is confirmed, the pick and pack service will choose the particular items in stock, and they will be responsible for packing them and shipping off the goods.

To streamline this process even further, businesses may use a warehouse management system (WMS) in conjunction with a pick and pack service. Using a WMS can help businesses optimize their warehouse operations by offering more organized ways of receiving, picking, and shipping products.

The main advantages

The thing is, most online retailers are small enterprises, and unless you’re a retail giant (think Amazon), it would be very difficult for you to operate your own picking and packing service. It’s not only costly, but it entails a lot of time and effort. But if you outsource to a dedicated pick and pack service, you don’t need to invest in your own warehouse or storage space along with the staff to operate it. Furthermore, with great picking and packing services, you can benefit from a dedicated customer service team as well as more reasonable rates for shipping.

A pick and pack service frees you up to focus on your core business objectives rather than wasting time processing orders. Experienced pick and pack services often make use of pallet freight for shipping products. A pallet provides a sturdy foundation for stacking multiple items and is designed to be easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack.

Your goal as a business is undoubtedly to grow – and with a good transport courier service as a partner, business growth is a given.

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