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Summer in the Office

As you’ve probably already noticed, hot days have arrived. And if you’re running a business, chances are you saw many of your employees struggle to remain productive due to high temperatures. Even though this may seem like a big problem, there are plenty of ways you can make summer in the office enjoyable. We singled out seven of these you definitely need to take a closer look at.

Get a water cooler

Staying hydrated while working is a must and this is especially the case on hot summer days. And encouraging your employees to drink sodas isn’t recommended, since sugary drinks just can’t give your employees that productivity boost they need. Instead, what you should do is get a water cooler for your office. That way, you’ll help your employees stay hydrated and ensure they stay healthy and productive. Another great thing about water coolers is that they encourage communication and who knows, maybe some of the great ideas for your company’s future may spawn right next to your water cooler?

Hold your meetings outdoors

Who says meetings have to be held in the meeting room? In the summer, holding some of your meetings outdoors can turn out to be an awesome idea. Not only that this will help you make your meetings more memorable but it’ll also encourage your employees to get outside the office and enjoy some sun. When enjoyed in moderation, vitamin D can bring loads of health benefits to your employees. Not to mention that getting some fresh air from time to time can make it easier for your employees to focus on their work.

Create a summer-friendly schedule

There’s no need to say that days are longer in summer. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to take advantage of it. In fact, it’s recommended that you create a summer-friendly schedule and have everyone arrive in the office a bit earlier than usual. That way you and your employees will have some quiet time to work on your projects. If you’re based in cities like Sydney or Melbourne, this can be a real lifesaver in the summer. Starting early should also help you clock out early and you and your team will get some daylight to enjoy in the evening.

Add more greenery

Take a look at any modern office and you’re probably going to see plenty of greenery. And with so many beautiful office plants you can get, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t think about adding more of these into your office as well. And now seems to be the perfect time to do so, since greenery can help you keep the air inside of your office fresh no matter how hot it is outside. On top of this, office plants should help you reduce the noise level in your office, which is, of course, a big plus. Some of the most popular office plants include dracaena, philodendron and peace lily.

Get an air conditioner

If you don’t have an air conditioner in your office, you’re already behind. Even if you do have one of these in your office, which is not properly cleaned or maintained at regular intervals, then you’re not really doing your employees any favors. So, be considerate and get hold of a firm that can offer professional ac repair services near you. You should remember that a dirty air conditioner can not only prove ineffective at reducing heat in the office, but it may also contribute to respiratory diseases. So, get it cleaned ASAP! However, if the cooling system has passed beyond the stage of repairs, then purchasing a new one could be a good idea. This device will keep the air in your office cool and help your employees focus on their work. If you do get a new air conditioner, you’ll probably need someone to install it for you. Luckily, there are experts in air conditioning installation from Sydney you can turn to.

Go for casual Fridays

If there’s ever the right time to go for casual Fridays, it’s summer. By wearing light-colored and looser-fitting clothes, your employees will find the time they spend in the office more enjoyable. Even though you’re the business owner, you should also try to dress as casually as possible. That way, no one will feel like they’re not being formal enough and they’ll still be in the right mood to get their work done. If this seems to work well for your employees’ creativity, you can even think about employing this technique more than once per week.

Let in more light

One of the best things about summer is that it means the days are longer and relying on natural light is much easier. What this means for your office is that you can save money on energy bills by utilizing natural light as much as possible. So, if there are no enough windows in your office, you can think about adding a few of these. Also, you should consider moving workstations in your office so that every desk gets plenty of sunlight. This will not only help you save on energy bills but it’ll also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Follow these seven ways and you should be able to bring summer into the office and help you employees get all of their work done. In fact, you’ll make hot days as enjoyable as possible and everyone in the office will be guaranteed to have a good time.