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Save time and money by selecting a HOA manager

What are HOA managers?
HOA stands for homeowner’s association. A homeowner’s association is an organisation that is dedicated to taking care of all aspects of running and maintaining a shared property. Homeowner associations are handled by a board of directors; they are responsible for collecting monthly or annual fees to pay for common area maintenance and the upkeep of facilities.

The board of directors is elected by conducting HOA elections. Usually, these elections occur at an annual meeting. To get help with HOA elections, including preliminary consultation, ballot distribution, tabulation, and reporting of voting results, an HOA election company can be asked for help. Members of the community association (the homeowners) cast their votes for the candidates who could make for their new HOA board of directors, including the vice president, secretary, president, and treasurer.

Important Notes To Consider

For the purposes of this article, a shared property is defined as a residence that contains 10 or more individual living units. For example, condominiums or apartment blocks would be considered shared properties.

Within such buildings, you can often have over 300 separate residences. Additionally, there are frequently other facilities within the area too – these might include amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts.

Due to the number of facilities within such buildings, homeowner’s associations are important for maintaining the property and helping to organize important tasks (like rubbish collection and support to the tenants when issues occur).

Do you need one?

If you are part of a system that designs and manufactures new apartment blocks or condominiums, the law requires you to provide a homeowner’s association for your prospective clients.

Despite the fact that you must supply such a network, there are no rules to suggest that you must run it yourself.

If you are new to initiating homeowner’s associations then it is strongly advised to outsource this stage of setting up residential homes and enlisting the support of a management company which will set up and run a homeowner’s association on your behalf.

There are various benefits of doing this. You will save both time and money as the experts will take care of all of the small issues and disputes. They will be able to do this much faster than you could due to their wealth of experience. They also will know the tricks of the trade and can get services at budget rates. Additionally, by employing a homeowner’s association company you will be more likely to avoid disagreements with your homeowners. This is a particularly important point as in recent years, more and more conflicts within shared properties are leading to lawsuits.

What do HOA managers offer?

There are many specialised businesses that offer homeowner’s association solutions and the services that they offer vary between company and company.

Among the most common, and useful services, available are general maintenance of the building. You can agree with your homeowner’s association managers the range of maintenance issues which need to be dealt with on a regular basis. For example, if your shared property involved a public gym, the homeowner’s association manager will ensure all equipment is cleaned and repaired and kept up to date.

One of the benefits of working with an HOA manager is their ability to source and manage contractors for specialized projects. If a community wants to install a padel court or swimming pool, an HOA manager can help by sourcing a reputable padel court manufacturer or pool contractor, obtaining quotes, and overseeing the installation process.

Another important service that is offered is making sure that all health and safety requirements are met at all times. An example of this may be ensuring elevators and lifts within the public areas meet the minimum legal requirements.

There are a huge range of other services offered by individual companies, and they range from just taking care of the simple things to managing wide scale issues. You can read more about the different packages available by visiting: