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Is it time to start planning your summer party?

It has been a long year (more than a year now!) without your friends and colleagues. While you have been connecting on Zoom and doing lots of great team-building exercises virtually, you are most likely missing that in-person connection.

But there is good news! With changing guidance, you will be able to hold a summer party for the first time since summer 2019. You might feel a little rusty on how to plan a summer party, so read on for some handy tips.

Check comfort levels

When you are thinking about throwing your summer party, you need to think about your staff members and how comfortable they are. Bear in mind that many will be nervous about coming back to in-person events, so consider how safe you can make them feel. It is completely possible to throw a party in a safe and socially distant way – it just means putting a little more effort in at the planning stages.

Remember the numbers

When you are throwing a summer party, normally it’s a case of the more the merrier! You might invite colleagues from other offices and throw caution to the wind. Of course, things have changed a lot and we cannot gather in large groups, so depending on when you throw your event during the summer, you may need to throw more than one party to abide by the current guidance. Check before you book!

Hit the great outdoors

A great way to get more colleagues in one place is by enjoying the summer sun with an outdoor event. Try something fun like a themed party (a festival theme works well for this) and enjoy hanging out al fresco. This means that more of you can gather and you will be able to soak up the sun.

Keep it virtual

If you have a large group of colleagues who cannot meet up in person, it’s a great time to decide to keep it digital. Remote or virtual parties are a fun way to keep everyone involved and to ensure that no one misses out. This is also a fantastic option if you have a colleague who is not confident, or perhaps able, to attend a party. Why not enjoy virtual events as they are only getting better? They are still a wonderful way to connect and let your hair down with your colleagues and friends.

Are you feeling ready to throw an amazing summer party? Whether you take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and hold an outdoor event or you go virtual for 2021, just make sure that your party is the most fun possible for everyone. Contact Team Tactics today and start planning your event.