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How to Research on Social Media before Buying a Franchise

One of the most proven paths to becoming a small business owner with a higher likelihood of success is by purchasing a franchise. This avenue offers aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to tap into established business models, benefit from existing brand recognition, and receive support and resources from the franchisor. Franchising provides two main options: option of buying an existing franchise business or getting in on the ground floor of a new and potentially promising franchise venture.

For those interested in franchise opportunities, there’s a wide array of industries and sectors to consider. One particularly intriguing sector is the Engineering industry, where individuals can take a look at Engineering Businesses for sale for some enticing prospects. These opportunities might range from specialized engineering consulting firms to innovative technology-driven ventures. Entrepreneurs evaluating these options often do so with a strategic mindset, aiming to seize the opportunity presented by an established enterprise with a track record of success.

The upside of that is there is already a building in place, as well as a team of workers and managers. The downside, however, is that new ownership sometimes can drive away customers. On the other hand, as pointed out by Forbes, if there is a solid foundation for improvement already in place, buying an existing franchise business can be a very lucrative possibility.

When assessing a franchise opportunity, individuals need to conduct thorough due diligence. This involves researching the franchisor’s background, financial health, and reputation within the industry. Furthermore, prospective franchisees should scrutinize the franchise’s business model, market potential, and growth projections. To start with, you can visit their website. Many businesses such as this swimming pool service franchise or a fast food franchise have easily navigable web pages where you can learn about their model and even apply to get your own piece of the brand instantly. But that is only the first step. This is where leveraging the power of social media, out of all the other tools, tends to be particularly effective. By going online and checking out the different social media outlets, the potential business owner can determine whether or not this might be a worthwhile investment.

Using Social Media to Help Decide a Franchise Potential


The best gauge of whether or not a franchise might be a good investment is to go to Facebook. Just about every franchise has a Facebook page. Anyone wanting to see how that franchise is being perceived only has to go to the Facebook page, look at the number of people who have “liked” the page, and go through the various comments. It’s a good idea to determine just how engaged the franchise is with the public, as well. The more engaged the franchise, the more goodwill that is generated to clients and customers. That goodwill works well if someone is looking to buy a franchise.


Twitter is another social media platform that can provide important information when it comes to buying a franchise. In today’s fast-paced world, unhappy customers have no problem with making their voices heard in the online world of Twitter. With “retweets” as a viable tool, a franchise can either be perceived as a great business – or one that others should stay away from.


Although Yelp has lost some of the clout it once possessed, it is still a social media force to be reckoned with. Before buying into a franchise, it’s a good idea to take a look at what the Yelp reviews are saying. If there’s a lot of public ill will found there, it might reflect poorly upon the franchise as a whole.

Proactive Engagement

If the decision to buy into the franchise has been made, it is never too early for the business owner to make a positive impression with social media. By engaging with the public, ideas and improvements can be sought and a conversation can start that might well lead to having a solid goodwill foundation even before the franchise opens its doors.

While social media is not the total answer as to whether or not a franchise is worth investing in, it does provide insight into how that franchise is being perceived.