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How to market your biodegradable paper bags to consumers

Marketing can be a minefield in modern times where consumers are becoming increasingly sceptical of businesses trying to get the message across for their products. This has led to increased distrust of online targeted advertising and the potential for false advertising claims. This is one of the reasons why brands are starting to position themselves in a way which highlights the fact that they are a sustainable company.

One of the ways that you can follow this is through introducing greener products into your value offering, like biodegradable paper bags. Keep reading to discover how you can market your use of these bags to consumers.

Biodegradable paper bags are popular and work well with an ethical brand

Modern consumers are leaning towards companies that follow ethical guidelines on both manufacturing and the environment. This is one of the reasons why independent environmentally conscious businesses have made the switch to biodegradable paper bags. This popularity is a great marketing opportunity. Make sure you use the bags to highlight that your brand cares about the environment preserving the planet.

Make sure your logo is clear on the paper bag along with its apparent biodegradability

Getting your branding right on the biodegradable paper bag will help ensure you are at the forefront of your customer’s mind. Include your logo along with any symbols associated with the biodegradable rating of the bag. This will create some subconscious links between your brand and sustainable shopping in the minds of consumers, which will increase the likelihood of repeated business.

Make an example of the short period the bag biodegrades in on the bag

One of the major mistake that brands make is not taking advantage of the impressive facts associated with biodegradable paper bags. If your bag decomposes at a surprisingly fast rate, why not include this as part of the bags branding. This will leave consumers in no doubt that they are purchasing a biodegradable paper bag from a reputable business.

Make sure you order bags that are well made as well as biodegradable

Whilst having environmentally friendly shopping bags is a plus in the minds of consumers, they will probably not be too bothered by the bags biodegradability if their new purchases crash through the bottom of it when they carry it home. This is why it is essential to make sure the biodegradable paper bags are well made as well as green. High-quality suppliers will allow you to print various designs on the bag without jeopardizing its sturdiness.