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How Industrial Marking Has Made it Easier to Start and Run a Business

When asked a few years ago now, what advice he would give to someone seeking to get into business, Richard Branson answered that he would advise them to start an online business. That was some great advice then and is probably still some great advice, simply because of the very low start-up costs as well as low operational costs.

The problem with that is it appears to be a bit too easy. Literally everybody and their grandmother is trying their hand at something like drop-shopping or perhaps even blogging and so the market has become somewhat saturated.

You need to look a little deeper than that and focus on some business processes which are not immediately visible to the onlooker whose eye is just gliding over the market.

Drawing inspiration from the B2B industry

When we say you have to look a little deeper, we really mean it! The depth at which you have to look is of a specialized nature, such as checking out the different types of dot peen marking solutions provided by a B2B service provider like Technomark.

The different types of this method of industrial marking practically give away a selection of existing markets to pursue with the kind of service you might be seeking to provide. For example, which business might use something like the FlyMarker Mini marking machine? What line of business is that business in? Can they make use of the products and services you provide?

Similarly, which business is using the Multi4 system, which has four different configurations?

Could YOU perhaps make use of these same laser and dot peen industrial marking systems as integrated solutions which form part of your solutions offering?

It’s this level of thinking which uncovers existing markets to try and get some market share in, because it doesn’t help creating a product or a service solution and then hoping and praying that there will be a customer base that actually buys. First find the customers then come up with the solutions to their problems – an easy enough feat to achieve these days as a result of integrated solutions providers active in the B2B market, such as the mentioned Technomark.

Industrial marking itself goes even deeper to make it easier to start and run a business in this day and age, because of the explosion of the white-labelling model in helping up-starts launch and succeed.

Think the likes of IKEA and immediately some ideas should be flooding to your mind as an entrepreneur!

Backed by the expertise of some professionals such as engineers, technicians, etc, self-assembly end-user products can be created and shipped off to those end-clients, complete with user instructions for home assembly. It can go way beyond Lego-type fun and actually encompass household solutions such as furniture, upholstery, support structures, etc.

Possibilities are endless – think Original Equipment Manufacturers who might want to benefit from a new way of marking their original, genuine parts and to keep track of them as well, or someone like a scrap metal dealer who wants to make sure to stay on the right side of the law by avoiding dealing in goods that might be stolen…