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How ACTION Differentiates Successful Ventures from Failed Ones

I know, I know, the last thing you need as an entrepreneur or business person trying to find success in the current economic climate is yet another motivational speech. This is far from being motivational thought as we seek to dissect the technical details of exactly how taking action differentiates successful ventures from failed ones. It also sets success apart from ventures or ideas that never even get off the ground as a result of the paralysis of analysis phenomenon, often suffered by would-be entrepreneurs who want everything to be perfect before they get going.

So let’s look at some real-world case studies to demonstrate exactly how setting ball rolling and simply taking action would increase one’s chances of success, inevitably leading to some kind of success either way.

The island-hopping budget travel blogger

One of our readers wrote in with his story and a link to his growing blog, detailing how talking about what he wanted to do actually led to him being able to enjoy the privilege of doing it. It all started with one trip, which he had saved up for, for quite a bit of time and on that trip he met a cabin-crew member who was off-duty and was taking one of those ridiculously cheap staff-ticket flights.

They hit it off with the conversation and he instantly made a new friend, who went on to sign him up to her rebates list as a companion, which means he gets pretty much all the perks that she gets by way of really, really cheap flights. We had a hard time believing him ourselves as to how much he actually pays for his airfare, so we won’t stir things up over here!

The honest fender-bender who got a huge payday

His total liability for the subsequent damage was very minimal, but there’s another story of a fender-bender who was honest enough to leave a note for the owner whose car he’d hit so that he could subsequently compensate the owner for those minor damages. The owner went on to learn that the fender-bender actually had a case of his own for which he could get some major compensation, swiftly referring him to Naqvi Injury, a law firm which specialises in injury law amongst other areas. Basically this just demonstrates the need for integrity in taking the action you should be encouraged to take!

Playing the raw numbers game

There are many more stories I can actually get into to further drive the point home, but I guess you get it by now. If we’re to translate these case studies as they relate to taking action in the entrepreneurship and business setting, it’s simply a matter of playing the numbers game, if that’s what it comes down to. Knock on those doors, send out those sales letters and confront the market like it wouldn’t otherwise survive without what you have to offer.

Take action, now!

The longer you put it off, the harder it gets to try and get the ball rolling, so start right now and take action!