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Excellent Home Improvement Ideas at Little Cost

Making improvements to your home is a great way of adding something fresh and new, or perhaps you are simply looking for a new style? There are so many choices to make – the décor, what features you can have, even the colours – that it can be both a fun and time-consuming process. We thought we’d offer you some great advice about how to do things on a budget, and thought we’d start with what is already there.

Uncover Original Features

What do we mean by that? Well, if you live in a house that is not a new-build, you may be surprised how previous owners have changed things – and not necessarily for the better! Style goes through phases, and what was fashionable in the 1950s, for example, may not have been in the next decade. What goes around comes around, so they say, and it just so happens that some of the features that may have been covered up back then are now very much back in fashion.

For example, take the open fire: it’s a beautiful feature in any living room, and you can buy many very attractive surrounds – both traditional and modern – and in many older houses, perfectly usable fireplaces are sitting behind boards, unused. It’s easy to uncover them and put them back into use, and what could be cosier on a cold winter night than sitting in front of a glorious log burner?

Before you begin to use your fire you will need to make sure it is safe, and we recommend you talk to for the best advice and service in the region. With excellent rates and the expertise to get the job done, they will check your fire and chimney so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a wonderful open fire in your own home.

Make Your Space More Accessible

While this may not be a home improvement that you are required to do straightaway, there will come a time when you may be required to make your home more accessible for your residents. And with the cost of living continuing to rise, moving house to a more suitable residence may be out of the question. Simple improvements like stairlifts (that can be obtained by companies like, ramps, and grab bars that can be in places such as the toilet or kitchen, are great ways to not only improve the functionality of your home, but to do it within budget.

Of course, some of these improvements may be more expensive than others, but if you take the time to budget for other areas of your home, you should be able to cover these costs comfortably. Take the time to research this beforehand though to ensure that you are making the most suitable improvements for your needs.

Create a Garden Paradise

Not everyone is lucky enough to own a garden, but if you are lucky enough, you might be sitting on a gold mine of opportunity. Even the smallest outdoor space can be transformed into a green oasis, and it won’t cost you much either. Just a few tools and a free weekend is all you really need!

The first thing to do is to improve what you already have, so if you have an old deck, you should nail down any loose boards and give it a good scrub to remove any moss and algae. Deck Painting will also help to bring it back to life, so choose a new colour to add a bright splash to an otherwise grey area, or choose a stain to enhance the natural wood effect. Not only with this give your decking a beautiful finish, but it will also help it last longer too. Alternatively, give your patio a bit of TLC with a paver patios Roanoke service or similar service near you to help your patio go from drab to fab. Just by doing this, you will suddenly have a stunning area to sit in the sun and enjoy the outdoors.

Next, think about adding more plants. A garden with no plants is no garden at all, but it only takes a few well-chosen shrubs and flowers to make a huge impact. Garden centres always have a reduced section, so you can bag a bargain and buy a whole host of plants for less than 100. If your garden is paved over, take up a few slabs and introduce a new flower bed, or use pots to create a pot display that you can move around as and where you see fit.