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Best online casinos bonus in Canada

When novice gamblers hear online casinos can provide them with some bonuses for the first time, they do not realize what these offers are and how they work. Modern gambling platforms use different customer engagement methods, and bonus promotions have proven to be one of the most effective in this regard. But what kind of offers can players get from top-notch online operators? In this article, you will learn several basic bonus types and understand how beneficial each of them is.

Welcome bonuses

Every reputable online operator wants to start interacting with new customers on a pleasant note. That is why online casinos almost always use welcome bonus packages. As soon as players see that their first deposits will increase by 100% or even 150%, they are much more likely to create an account. Of course, the extra money percentage is not the only significant factor. The wagering conditions also play an essential role. And if a gambling establishment offers relatively soft rules in this regard, it can turn a newbie into a loyal customer quickly.

Cashback bonuses

The generous cashback system is another sign of any online casino that cares about its players. Many online operators are aware of this and allow gamblers to return 10-15% of their lost money. Most gambling establishments send players their cashback once a month or a week. However, some platforms rely on an even more loyal approach and implement permanent cashback. In other words, once players lose their deposit, the casino returns a share of the lost amount to their balance immediately. In many cases, this renewed money gives players a second shot to succeed and helps them to win back their entire last deposit.

VIP rewards

Online casinos also do not hesitate to reward the most active members of their gambling community. If a player regularly makes deposits, participates in bonus promotions and tournaments, recommends the establishment to friends, etc., the casino allows him or her to join a somewhat of an elite club. Such VIP gamblers receive more profitable bonuses, additional cashback percentages, personal customer service operators and other captivating privileges. VIP programs help gambling platforms strengthen the trust of the players who devote the most time to them. Typically, these programs have several levels. And the higher the gamblers climb this ladder, the more exclusive rewards they receive.