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7 Ways to Maximize Your Lunch Break

Your lunch break – whether it’s 30 minutes or two hours – is a time to recharge, replenish, and rest. It’s an essential part of your working day which should be used to help you recover from the morning and prepare for the afternoon.

However, most people don’t utilize their lunch breaks the way they should. Rather than using the time replenish and improve wellness and productivity, far too many workers choose to eat greasy takeout when you need to make sure you get your vitamins such as vitamin D which is something you are not getting at your desk. Here are the best ways to maximize your lunch break and boost your productivity.

Source: Pixabay

1. Step Outside

The benefits of having your lunch break outside have been well-documented. Taking time out of your day to get some fresh air, ideally in a green space like a park, will ensure you head back to the office feeling refreshed and emotionally boosted. Even just changing the scenery by heading to a new cafe will make a positive difference.

2. Eat Some Brain Food

The worst thing you can do is grab some fast food or cafeteria pizza on your lunch break. You need food that will give you the energy to hustle and improve your concentration. Think fresh fish, grains, and plenty of veggies. Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats and sugar, as these have been proven to have a detrimental effect on your focus.

3. Learn

A major sin that most people commit in life is to stop learning new things once they start full-time careers. This is not only a waste of time and bad for your quality of life, but also detrimental to your professional growth. Never stop learning and always stay stimulated. Use your lunch break to learn a new language or read a novel – anything to keep your brain challenged and awake.

4. Exercise

Many office spaces today have dedicated gyms or at least office exercise equipment that is just waiting to be used. People who spend most of their day at work rarely get to work out and maintain themselves physically. That is why, getting some exercise in during your lunch break (preferably before eating) could be quite beneficial. It not only keeps you healthy but also improves your mood and takes away any lethargy from sedentary work. You might initially find it frustrating to carry your gym clothes to the office every day. But thankfully, many offices now even offer gym lockers or cabinets within their fitness areas. These cabinets are equipped with sturdy locker keys, thus ensuring that you can securely store your gym attire and other workout essentials without the hassle of carrying them daily.

5. Bond with Colleagues

Workers who are friends with their colleagues almost always perform better. Use your lunch break to hang out with your co-workers and get to know them better. Perhaps focus on the coworkers who you don’t usually hang out with, as this can be a great opportunity to do a little networking as well.

Source: Pixabay

6. Play Some Games

Yes, really. Playing some games on your phone or laptop is a great way to re-charge and step outside of your work mentality for a while. There is a variety of game options to choose from, like spider solitaire, sudoku, candy crush saga, or crossword puzzles. If you are feeling up for it, you will find a vast array of games available at online casinos as well. Dive into the world of poker and baccarat for some thrilling entertainment and strategic gameplay. These are the kinds of games that not only provide entertainment but can also help sharpen your focus and concentration skills. It’s all about finding what suits you best to take a breather and relax during your breaks. Many platforms also have a fantastic range of slot games to choose from that will definitely aid relaxation and, with a mobile device, you can play them anywhere – see point 1.

7. Meditate

Mindfulness is the key to productivity. If you want to really, fully decompress during your lunch break, try doing some meditation. You don’t need to head to a yoga studio to do it properly – simply download a meditation app like Headspace to clear your head and relax your heart wherever you happen to be.

Source: Pixabay

How you use your lunch break isn’t just linked to your job performance, but also your overall happiness. Your lunch break is a golden opportunity to improve, so don’t waste it.