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3 Ways How AMA Physician Disability Insurance Supports Career Longevity


Insurance is integral to your occupation and protects you from mishaps or accidents. Many people don’t dive deeper into this topic and go for popular options without research. It is not a hidden truth that everyone wants to improve their living standards and physicians fall in the same category. The most popular option for physicians is AMA disability insurance. 

Disability insurance is one of the promising ways to protect your financial means. You can still make money and get compensation if you get involved in an accident or life-threatening condition. It is why it is of utmost importance to know the insurance options on your table and make the right choice. 

In this article, we will look at AMA disability insurance and how they work. So let’s dive into it. 

Tailored to Your Expense

AMA disability insurance provides you with many advantages. For instance, you can tailor your application according to your disability. First, inform them about the mishap or accident and ask for their support. They will look at your condition, average income, and specialty. 

The outcome will not be the same for everyone. People who can’t join work may get a bigger compensation than someone who gets to work part-time. It also depends on when you signed up for the insurance. They will also look at the intensity of your job and devise a plan accordingly. 

That’s why you must sign up with them at the earliest stages so they can help you in case of any mishap.

Increasing Rates

AMA disability insurance is one of the most affordable and has great policies. Many insurance companies have a fixed premium rate, but that is not the case with AMA. It is subject to change with your age increase. AMA has monthly premium insurance of about 2% to 6%. They also offer huge discounts so you can easily manage it. 

It is great for physicians and can provide them with financial security in case of any disability. 

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Longer Elimination Period

The elimination period is the waiting period from the time of injury to the time you get the benefits. Most insurance companies provide you with a 30 days short elimination period to 720 days of the long elimination period. But AMA takes things differently. It has an elimination period of 60 to 365 days. 

Now the catch is the shorter the period, the more expensive your premium insurance will be. AMA provides you with the perfect balance so you can enjoy the perks. It is up to you to wait or go for a shorter period and enjoy the benefits.


AMA disability insurance is a comprehensive option that physicians should avail of immediately. They should sign up for it as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits it brings to the table. If you are looking for a solid policy that gives you a good share, AMA is for you. 


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