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Wrestling impresario grapples with small business portfolio

She hails from a world of ridiculous, over-the-top theatre in which grown men scream and rant like toddlers. So perhaps Linda McMahon, 68, the wrestling impresario Donald Trump has asked to join his cabinet, will feel right at home in Washington.

Ms McMahon has made more than $850 million from World Wrestling Entertainment, the company she founded in 1980. Mr Trump has asked her to lead the small business administration.

The president-elect has long been a fan of professional wrestling. In 1988 he appeared ringside at WrestleMania IV; in 2007 he dropped “buckets of cash” on the crowd at a WWE event; and in 2013 he wrestled Vince McMahon, 71, Ms McMahon’s husband.

This year she called his comments about women “deplorable” but then gave $6 million to his campaign.