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Why run an employee background check in the UK

Employee background checks in the UK are quite widespread. It is vital to screen potential employees before hiring. This guarantees that you have a complete and accurate picture of who you are hiring.

Employees are a valuable asset to your business that can be worth their weight in gold. A dishonest employee, however, can wreak havoc on a company’s reputation. They have the potential to irritate other employees. They can also potentially generate legal issues for you and your business.

Additionally, depending on your business, you may need to hire additional staff during certain times of the year. For this sort of hiring system, it would be wise to look into agencies specific to the kind of employees you want so that it’s easier to find trustworthy employees. For instance, if you run a restaurant and need to hire additional kitchen staff because of a larger number of customers, you can look into agencies that provide reliable kitchen porters, London (if that’s where your business is).

That being said, a background check on an employee is an important aspect of the hiring process. It will aid in the protection of a company, its staff, and its consumers.

What is a Background Check?

Employers perform background checks to look more in-depth at a potential employee. These checks typically include criminal background inquiries, identification verification, and certification validations, all of which form standard components of background screening. When seeking a detailed background check, employers usually have two options: hiring a screening company or engaging a private investigation firm.

For entry-level positions, where a quick but less extensive background check suffices, employers often opt for screening companies that can efficiently handle a large number of candidates. However, for senior and critical positions within the company, a more meticulous investigation is imperative. In such cases, companies often collaborate with reputed experts like Bond Rees Detectives (or any private investigator) to access detailed information on criminal, civil, and financial records. The reason behind following such procedures is to ensure the utmost integrity of the organization and secure the appointment of the most suitable individual for the job.

In essence, the level of investigation required depends on the nature of the position being filled. But sometimes, if the position requires a delicate touch, such as working with children, then there is a different degree of scrutiny involved. In countries like Australia, it is even made mandatory to conduct working with children checks as part of the recruitment process. Also, as a part of the pre-screening, many employers do Employee background checks. But, some places and positions will require them yearly. It will depend on the employer and the position.

Why do a DBS?

DBS background checks are performed to ensure that a person is who they say they are. They provide a historical record that can be used to find the best candidate for the job. Depending on the checks performed, background screening can indicate whether or not a possible new hire is honest and trustworthy, as well as their ability to handle the duties of the position. In other words, it can help the company avoid hiring someone who could be a liability or a threat to the company.

Four different types of DBS checks

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Enhanced with List

The DBS type will depend on the position the applicant is applying for. Some companies require certain levels of checks. It is also the law to run DBS for certain types of positions, such as those working with children or in the medical field. But, having a DBS run on those that will be in the computer networking or a part of the financials of the company is also very important. This will allow the company to see what type of records there are out there on the person. A company would not want to hire someone that has been in trouble with the law for stealing and put them in a position where they could obtain valuable information or finances. This gives the company a level of security and protection.

The same holds true for those that are working with children. You wouldn’t want to put children in harm’s way, so getting a DBS run on everyone working with children is also very important. In some cases, it is the law. However, always remember that you will need permission to run a DBS on a potential new hire, and always be sure you are doing things within the laws.