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What is CS:GO – a new craze sweeping the nation

Many of you will have come across articles and blogs about a new craze called CS:GO but many of you will have absolutely no idea what it is all about. This is a simple guide to introduce you to this popular online trend.


A brief introduction

GS:GO actually stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is a online computer game which has taken the nation by storm. However, it is not necessarily a new trend, the original gameplay was actually launched 12 years ago and this new edition actually expands upon the original team orientated action game.


The general premise of the game is competitive shooting and it has an online following of many million fans worldwide.


The newest version is different from previous ones as it actually offers new maps, weapons and a whole host of new characters. The new gameplay modes are the aspect of this game that everyone is most excited about as they involve a team based, matchmaking mode.


Game modes explained

There are three popular game modes of the latest release of CS:GO


Casual mode – this is a short version of the extended game. It allows you to dip in and dip out of the world of CS:GO, which is particularly helpful if you do not have the time for a full match. These casual games allow you to play at your own pace and your character will automatically be able to receive bonus rewards for kills. You also will be able to collect body armour kids and defusal equipment in this mode.


Demolition – this is a much faster paced mode of the game. The premise of demolition mode is that players will take turns in defending (or attacking) a single bomb site. A great feature of this mode is the brilliant maps that are generated whilst playing. To start with, players receive a single weapon but as the game progresses the weapons will be updated with more advanced ones.


Arms race – this mode is all about gun progression and features the ability to instantly re-spawn. One highly enjoyable aspect of this mode is the high proportion of close quarter combat. As soon as you register a kill you will be able to upgrade your weapon. The aim of this mode is to complete a kill with your final issued weapon, you will then receive the golden knife. If you are able to kill an opponent with the knife you will win the game.


What is Case Opening?

Many online sites have launched the idea of case opening to accompany the game. For example, CaseGod offers you the chance to select a virtual box at random, pay a small fee, and enter a lucky dip for a new weapon. This adds a little additional excitement to the game and many find that CS:GO is really not as much fun with out a little case opening too.