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Video Editing Tips – Framing Your Shot

Framing totally depends upon composition. It’s the framing that allows you to emphasize your thoughts, convey various feelings in the film, and show your emotion. Applying this technique, you can be able to add feels for the viewers and weights to your shot, and it’s one of the most consequential things for you if you are a potential filmmaker.

Moreover, framing will grab the attention of your audience’s eyes to the subject. Your shots will have context, a sense of depth, and the primary objective will be highlighted to the viewer’s eyes. It could seem like you really put in the effort to get those Overlay Video Effects, which most users might appreciate. You can consider this technique of videography as an essential artistic tool. In order to determine your output, you will need to get hang of a few video editing tips that will allow you to frame your shot and make your video stand out among others. Excited to know them? Let’s get started.

The composition will determine what will impact to your viewer’s eyes and what will your camera see. In the end, your video will stand out only if you tell a story through the footage. So, let your people and object tell their tale by highlighting them in a frame. Arrange each and every detail artistically, thus you need to do pre-planning before taking off for the shooting.

  1. Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds is one of the most important things it takes while framing your shot. In this technique, you need to divide your frame into three parts with nine even sectors. There will be two horizontal lines and two vertical lines as well. Place your subjects in the middle of the frame, specifically on the two of the four points meet. As the subject is your center point, it will automatically attract your viewer’s eyes. This way, it will draw your audience’s attention towards the video.

  1. Symmetry
    In tons of productive styles to enhance your video editing, symmetry happens to be one of them. This will make the video look like well-composed and very professional. Your scenes get balanced and enhance the audience to involve in what they are watching. Creating symmetry is a must while you are focusing on something in your frame. Remember that the thing you put on the center of the frame will attract the audience to take a gander at it. That’s why it’s important to use symmetry while encountering a central moment.

  1. Leading Lines

Leading lines allow a videographer to compose better with the shots. The lines begin from the bottom and interlink with the inward and upward center of the frame to the background. If you want dimensionality and weightiness to your footage, you can utilize this technique. This technique will likewise help you to grab the attention to the main subject.

  1. Plan a Theme

Picking a specific theme is optimal when it comes to filmmaking. The theme works as a guideline that indicates you throughout the operation. Be cautious and careful while you are choosing a theme for your video. You need to run powerful research and dig a much deeper as you can. Brainstorming is an awesome approach to come up with various concepts and ideas. Try to think thoroughly and open-mindedly.

  1. A lot of captures

Mistakes are inevitable. Many online video editing services and other big professional fishes also make mistakes and it’s totally normal. Thus, you need to take several takes so that you have the full safety of making mistakes. Your first shot might be an awesome one but what if the next shot result in better and you like that more?

  1. Directness
    Your video needs to tell a story to your audience. Your main object should interlink with each and every element in the frame. Check if any element is distracting the attention of the audience or the theme. If yes, then consider moving it out. Make sure you only include the related objects and items in the frame and cut off all the unnecessary things.

Know that lenses, cameras, lightings will have a big impact on your filmmaking exercises. Keep these things in mind while you are making a video:

  • The horizon needs to be straight always.
  • It’s useless to leave a lot of headroom.
  • Do not neglect the rule of thirds and try to avoid negative space.
  • Matching the angle and frame is an optimal thing.

  1. 180 Rule

Nothing can be more useful than the 180 rule in film production. You have to draw an imagery vertical line between two objects or persons in a frame. You have to use this rule if you are shooting a video of two persons having a conversation. Technically, in this step, you need to set up your camera on a side of the straight line and you are not supposed to cross the line. Crossing the lines means breaking the rule. However, sometimes directors may want to break the rule to add disorientation and confusion to the shot. But, it’s better to stay in the rule and capture the shot accordingly.

Filming and editing need creative skills. If you are still with me, you must be determined to make this thing possible. Once you start implementing these tips mentioned above, I am sure you will start noticing the difference. Experimenting with new things is a good approach, don’t be afraid to do that. That’s the only way you get to learn new things. Hence, take your camera in the hand and start shooting.

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