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Use Smart Drugs to Cross Every Task Off Your To-Do List

In Tim Ferriss’ most recent book Tribe of Mentors, it is quite clear that successful people (and especially entrepreneurs) are organized about the things they are trying to achieve. This might not always show up in the same way, but for many people the “to do list” or task list is of major importance. Some may dread it, but all utilize it to some degree.

This is one of the reasons why smart drugs are growing in popularity and why so many people find that using them can help get items removed from the task list. Nootropics like NZT 48 are increasingly sought after for their ability to elevate cognitive performance. However, it’s important to note that the use of such supplements should be approached with care and understanding. Detailed information about these nootropics and where to find them can be found here. By optimizing brain function, nootropics empower individuals, particularly those already successful, to accomplish high-quality work more efficiently.

Within this brief article, we will discuss some of the cutting edge smart drug options that you can use in order to bolster your own experience with whatever projects you are working on.

Increasing Productivity and Output

As far as sheer output and productivity is concerned, there are few smart drugs more effective than provigil. First used as a narcolepsy pill to help people who could not get restful sleep, provigil was one of the first (and most successful) tools for increasing productivity in entrepreneurs. In fact, the provigil smart drug has spawned an entire movement of biohackers and self-experimenters with worldwide media attention.

The other option is obviously to use caffeine, which is ubiquitous and in many cases is a great tool when optimized for other factors. For example, many people who are using caffeine do not realize that they can do so in more effective manners. The majority of people increasing their productivity with caffeine can use something called butter coffee (or Bulletproof coffee).

The combination of MCT oil and butter with coffee creates a specific concoction that can help complete tasks even more rapidly than otherwise. The MCT oil benefits are quite profound for many of the people who experience it. The MCT (medium chain triglycerides) are able to turn into energy in 3 steps rather than 20+ steps that glucose (sugar) requires.

Setting the Stage

The important thing to consider when it comes to increasing productivity and output is how sustainable it is. While it is great to knock off all of the tasks on your list, what is the cost? For many people who use smart drugs without respecting themselves and the drug’s power, it can create a lot of side effects and even burnout.

This is one of the reasons why cycling nootropics is effective. If you have provigil on one day, for example, try Bulletproof coffee with MCT oil the next. Don’t try to do everything together on each day as that is a recipe for burnout and adrenal fatigue.

Once you have some idea of the tasks that you would like to complete and how important they are, you can respect yourself, stay clear of health risks, and get the job done.