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Top Tips for Attracting New Clients

Attracting clients is in many ways similar to attracting customers, but with one key difference. That difference exists in the variance between the two. Though customers and clients can be exchanged synonymously, in the business world there are key differences. Customers come and go as they feel like it. They buy your product or your services, but there is no ongoing relationship. Clients hire you not only because they want to use your services, but because they want your expertise. That is why lawyers have clients, for instance, while department stores have customers (or, in some cases “patrons”).

Acquiring new clients takes more effort. You need to typically create a relationship with them before they sign on with you, because this isn’t a one-time deal nor is it using a service without knowing the people behind it. You work with your client in order to achieve their goals. Knowing how to attract a client is crucial in certain industries, especially because it is more personal and intimate than trying to attract a customer:

  1. Trade Shows: Have Key Targets

Trade shows can be excellent for attracting new clients, but setting up a booth and expecting new clients to come by is not the best way to go about it. Instead, have a private room set up where you can invite your key targets. In there you can set up your banners and other digital signs caulfield (if that is where you are) to create a lasting brand impression. The personalization and privacy will allow you to make significant headway towards acquiring a new client, especially if you have a business proposal specifically for their company ready to go.

  1. Go for the Long Game

If potential clients don’t bite immediately, don’t give up. People never like feeling pressured, and they don’t like being scammed. If you drop them immediately as a contact if they reject you the first time, you will never get them back. If, on the other hand, you opt for the long game instead you could one day win them over. Relationships take time, but they also shouldn’t be rushed. Stay in touch, network with these great tips, and be persistent – the potential for a new client is worth the few minutes of extra work a week.

  1. Take Them Out

Like any relationship, you need to put effort into impressing your potential clients. They need to trust you as a person if you want them to trust you as an advisor. Taking them out to events to business dinners lets you talk more casually, as well as impress them with the effort. The more you cater the event to them, the better – it shows you listen, and you’re willing to go above and beyond. Clients want to be wooed, so if they mention that they like a particular artist or sports team, pick up tickets to the events in question and click here.

Attracting new clients is a mixture of wooing them and proving to them that you not only have what it takes to do the job, but also that you are willing to do anything for them. They need to know that they can easily communicate with you, and that you, in turn, listen.