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The Number 1 Tip to Ensure Affiliate Marketing Success

The discussion around affiliate marketing as a possible means through which to make some good money online splits the internet community right into two, with those on one side of the fence reporting a story of how it simply doesn’t work out for them, while on the other side are those for whom it has brought great financial success. The ones on the successful side of the fence realise so much of this success that they usually go on to rinse and repeat the process all over again and keep profiting from what is the easiest business to get into.

By referring to affiliate marketing as the easiest business to get into, I’m not by extension claiming that it’s easy to make a success out of it, as is attested to by the many failures. I mean signing up to an affiliate program and generating your affiliate link is so easy that anyone can do it within a matter of minutes after signing up and any legitimate affiliate program should be free to join since you’ll be deploying your own resources to market the vendors’ offers. It’s not so easy to make money with the sales required for it to go down as a successful venture though, as you might have come to see.

Apart from the fact that you simply cannot advertise the offer by just posting your link everywhere, suggesting that you need to rather build a list of leads and then send them offers along with some valuable content, the number one tip to put you on the path of success with affiliate marketing is that you have to sell things to people who are already buying those things. The trick is to add value in one of many ways so that your list of leads can “reward” you by buying what they already buy THROUGH YOU – via your affiliate link! One way of adding value is through adding custom HTML to your emails.

How to Add Value to Your Emails by Adding Custom HTML

For today’s digital marketers, nothing is more valuable than an engaged email list, and perhaps something like this email marketing software to help them manage and communicate with those on the list. An engaged list is the best way to contact those interested in your products and messaging. But how can you keep that list actively engaged with your emails? Send messages rich with value, simply by adding some custom HTML.

3 ways you can add value to your email using custom HTML

  • Add visually appealing elements
  • Use branding
  • Make your emails interactive

1. Add visually appealing elements

Creating beautiful and interactive emails can greatly impact how well campaigns perform with your list.

Readers don’t want block after block of plain text in their emails. Not only is this dull, but all that text is daunting for a reader. They will likely scan your email for any important notes or simply click away to another message.

On the other hand, adding visually engaging elements (such as content blocks broken up with images, colored backgrounds, and buttons), will easily allow the reader to skim your content and still take away the intent of your copy. This will draw them to highlighted elements, encouraging them to engage with your content.

As you can see in this email from Unicef, breaking up the content with visuals encourages better flow.

2. Use branding

Everyone understands the significance of the outward-facing online components of their business, and this include landing pages and social media profiles that customers and leads interact with daily. Effective branding is crucial for the success of affiliate marketing. By incorporating creative fonts, vibrant colors, and attractive designs, you can build and maintain your brand’s credibility. However, if brand design isn’t your expertise, you can always consider seeking aid from a creative agency nyc (if that’s where your business operates from) that often specializes in advertising, design, and production. A professional from these firms can enhance your brand’s appearance and overall impact online.

And your email marketing? It should be no different. As you design your emails, be sure to include similar imaging, copy, and colors. Using HTML coding will allow you to customize such elements as:

  • Colors– You can add your brand colors to various aspects of your email, such as headers.
  • Fonts– Standard templates may or may not contain your brand specific font, so adding 1-2 fonts that are the same as what is used on your web pages can really carry your brand feel over.
  • Logo and visual elements– Oftentimes, it’s easier to get your point across with imagery than with words. Adding branded images, such graphics or photos of upcoming releases, can really drive the point you’re trying to make.

Taking the time to ensure your brand is consistent in your emails will also increase your credibility. It’s easy to ignore plain-text only, boring emails. But adding those special touches that only your brand is known for can drastically increase your ROI.

3. Make your emails interactive

Adding interactive elements can absolutely skyrocket the engagement and click through rate of your emails.

Interaction is one of the top email marketing trends happening right now. The right elements can really set your emails apart, making you both memorable and giving you a competitive edge.

While you can leave the task of sending timely emails on a software like Simplelists (, for those interested), for the content of the email, however, you will have to use all your creativity.

How to add interaction to your emails

  • Social media feed
  • GIFs
  • Click-to-reveal content
  • Surveys
  • Video

There are quite a few ways to add interaction to your emails, with the most popular explained below:

Interactive social media feed

If you’re hosting some sort of event or even a social media challenge, there’s nothing that grabs a reader like watching a live, interactive Twitter feed happen right in their email.

While adding something as intense as a Twitter feed to your email can be time-consuming and hard to pull off, the results are worth it.

An Instagram feed is another social media element that can really pull together a great email. It creates the same pull to interact with you on social media like a Twitter feed and add to the branded feel of your email.

Since this email element is quite a bit harder to pull off, it’s not as common as the other elements discussed below. However, it can be done. If you’re concerned you can’t do it yourself, opt for a platform like Liveclicker that can do it for you, or read articles and tutorials to educate yourself.

Adding this element can really make your email stand out from every other email currently sitting in your subscribers’ inbox.

Get creative with GIFs

GIFs have really become one of the most popular ways for people to communicate with each other online. They are a staple in forums and social media discussions. And now you can send them directly through Messenger and iMessage, too.

Adding GIFs to your email really shows your subscriber base that you’re keeping up with the online trends, and it makes your brand much more relatable.

GIFs can also complement the CTA in your emails. Use a visually attractive GIF that will hold your reader’s attention.

This Harry’s email doesn’t just capture your attention with quality design; It creates a sense of pressure and urgency by incorporating a clock gif directly in the email.

Coupons have been marketing mainstream for decades. Most consumers say that they would absolutely use a coupon that was sent to them via email, making coupons a great addition to your email marketing efforts.

Add an extra element to your coupon codes by asking your readers to click to reveal their discount. This can drive up your interaction and click-through rates.

Micro commitments are a fabulous tactic, popular in the digital marketing world. By asking for small commitments (e.g. a click or an answer to a question), you set up the reader to say yes and make a commitment. Which means they are much more likely to say yes to the next question, which is usually a sale.

Pretty Little Thing does a great job of adding their own, highly branded, coupon code to their email. By keeping it front and center at the top, they drastically increase the odds that readers will click to see the discount.

Surveys always provide useful information to a business, when done correctly. Asking your readers to answer questions about the products/services you’re offering can give you great feedback on your marketing methods. It’s also a great way to do market research during the product development stage of your next offer.

There are also quick, two-question surveys, sometimes using emojis, that you can add to the bottom of your emails to learn how your marketing efforts are being received. It’s crucial to know how your subscribers feel about the content you’re sending, so you can improve each email.

Get your point across with video

Videos, much like GIFs, are a very popular addition to emails. Video content is quickly rising to the top of the list as the most consumed content on the internet. So, naturally, adding video content blocks to your emails can increase the value tremendously.

Video can also make it much easier to build your credibility and your reader’s awareness. It can get tricky to get your point across via text. However, it can be very easy to create a short 2-3-minute video in your email that will give your readers a sense of what you’re trying to say.

Wrap up

Overall, adding custom HTML elements to your emails is one of the best ways to improve the experience of your readers, add value to your emails, and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Knowing your audience, and how they interact with content, is important when planning what elements you should and shouldn’t add to your emails.

If your audience tends to shy away from Twitter, then going through the trouble of adding a live Twitter feed to your email could be a waste of time and money.

On the other hand, if you know that Instagram is part of their everyday life, giving them a quick way to see your latest posts and interact with your brand on their favorite platform will more than likely yield a great return.

Given the competitive nature of contemporary email marketing, the following methods are necessary: Keep new elements consistent with your message; add on-brand imagery to your content, and create interactive elements within your emails.

Email has one of the highest ROIs among the various digital marketing channels that used today. Giving your readers high-quality, value-rich emails using custom HTML, allows you to get great interaction and clicks from them regularly.