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How’s Your Business Poker Face?

Great leaders in business all have one thing in common. Their faces show when they are happy, but their faces never tell when something goes wrong. This is a powerful way of maintaining security, which is key to succeeding in business, politics and similar fields.


As a manager, you need to make sure that your competition does not find out what you are thinking. And when you are a high-profile business leader, people watch your face closely. This makes it all the more important for you to master the business poker face. It gives you an advantage over others, especially when the competition becomes a cutthroat one.


President Barack Obama is a prime example of a leader who understands the value of the business poker face. Regardless of how chaotic and turbulent things became while he was in office, not once did we see any sign of a negative emotion on his face.


Mastering this technique also positively impacts employee morale. Employees today look for transparency in their leaders. This includes emotion and truth in the message itself and how that message is delivered. As mentioned earlier, having a business poker face does not mean you should conceal happiness too. In fact, you should show it because it improves employee engagement and motivation.


However, when things go downhill and your face shows it, employees tend to panic. When they panic, their work will be affected and there will be a domino effect. Although workers want authenticity, they neither want nor expect you to be on the negative side. Somehow, you are perceived as someone who does not make mistakes and can resolve any mistake in case they happen anyway. The moment they see any hint of weakness or vulnerability in even the smallest movement of a muscle on your face, they can be affected.


One way to practice the poker face is by turning to where the term originated: poker. You can also go for any game that requires some level of skill (as opposed to games that are purely dependent on chance). Games like these are more than worth giving a try because they perfectly represent the world of business. You have opponents, there are stakes and your fate depends on what your competition sees on your face.


Moreover, you get so much out of a cheap deck of cards. It is a given that they teach you how to put on a good poker face. However, they actually also help you hone your decision-making skills. If you decide to practice your poker face this way, ensure security first and foremost. You can visit to know the basics of maintaining security in this activity.



Just like a game of poker, business requires mastery of the poker face. Your competition only needs two things to bring your company down: what you are doing and what you are thinking. If your face can effectively conceal what is going on in your mind, then the battle is already half-won.