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How Your Offline Business Can Benefit from Online Marketing

Traditional companies are often on the fence when it comes to going ‘online’. The types of businesses that fall under the traditional category are those with a physical location that sell products or services either in person, by phone, or mail; in short a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ business that doesn’t make sales online or have an online presence. Of course, The Digital Age practically dictates the rules now, and has changes the face of business significantly. We live in an era that compels businesses to be active and present in the digital world, although many ‘old school’ companies are having trouble at fully grasping the benefits of online marketing. Perhaps once you’re acquainted with the perks of online world, you might end up feeling differently.

Image promotion and brand recognition

Sure, in-store promotions are a wonderful tool for getting to know your customers and have first-hand interactions. However, without online presence you are limiting your business and essentially putting all your proverbial eggs in one basket by relying on street traffic and people already familiar with your line of work. This is where the online presence perks take to the stage. Expand the reach of your in-store promotions by sharing them online. One way to do this is to come up with a catchy name for your promotion and create a hashtag out of it for Twitter or Instagram. One of the largest consumer groups of today is addicted to Instagram, and you should be there to get your slice of the cake.

Enhancement in sales

Let’s say that you offer an attractive and desirable service. Let’s say that your line of work is a cultural center, performing arts center, a youth club – in short any type of business that revolves around organizing events. When you’re located in a particular city, it may be difficult and inconvenient for people to come and purchase tickets for an event your company is planning, and that is, again, where the benefits of online presence transpire. In order to enhance your sales, it is best to rely on an online ticketing system that not only promotes larger ticket sales but also ensures your business doesn’t rely on third party vendors.

Round the clock availability

Yes, there are certain restaurant chains and gas stations that are open and available 24/7, 365 days a week. However, most businesses don’t have the luxury to be available to their customers around the clock. The internet changes all that, or more specifically e-commerce. One of the key benefits of having an e-commerce website is that your clients and consumers can see your entire offer in one place and place orders at anytime- day or night. Just imagine how this could enhance your revenue on regular days, not to mention to what extent your business would benefit during holidays and weekends.

Go global

On one hand, when it comes to your local, traditional company or business, you are limited to people who can visit you at any given time and people who physically live nearby. On the other hand, however, maintaining a good website can literally have thousands, even tens of thousands of people visiting your online store at once. But in order to create global reach, you ought to build a solid online presence. This, you could do by applying properly planned and formulated marketing strategies, and perhaps, by listing your company in a business directory such as Yauzer (find more information on Yauzer here). When you list your company in an official business directory, users across the world can locate your business.

Imagine the potential for your company, if you could expose your products and services to a potentially unlimited number of interested people. The age of actually visiting a store is on its way out, and a new era of online shopping has been ushered and its power is expanding by the minute.

Connect with influencers

Assuming you’ve created an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account for your business. Achieving a large number of followers is not an easy feat. That is where you rely on connections. Social media has given birth to a whole new generation of people called influencers. An influencer is essentially an individual who has the ability to influence the opinions and buying decisions of your target audience, largely thanks to their social media following. Connect with these people and engage in collaboration. The way this works boils down to this – you offer to provide free products/services, usually followed by providing a certain fee (depending on how influential the influencer in question is). In exchange, they mention your brand, either by subtle advertising through Instagram post or by writing about your product or service on their blog or website. When your product has an influencer stamp of approval, your revenue is bound to spike through the roof. The new generation, mostly millennials rely heavily on recommendations from bloggers and influencers, and if they see them flaunting your goods on a perfect Instagram photo, they are bound to be intrigued.