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How to Select the Best CPA Exam Review Course

Thinking of advancing your career by becoming a CPA? We have prepared some helpful tips to help you achieve this. In this post, we will help you with tips for selecting the top CPA review course. Note that you must spend some time when picking a CPA exam review course.

There are many options out there and this makes it difficult for candidates to select a CPA exam review course that is right for their studies. When selecting the best CPA review course, there are many things you must consider.

When you pass the CPA exam, you get great rewards; however, passing requires you to invest in your time, money and effort. What steps can you take to pass the exam? Most people who have passed this exam will always tell you the best way to prepare and pass successfully is to commit yourself to a CPA review course. But with a plethora of review courses out there, how do you know which one is best for you?

To help you with the answers to this question, we have compiled a list of tips to help you select the best CPA exam review course for you.

  1. Find out the exam pass rate of the students who have enrolled in the course.

Since passing the CPA exam is the main reason why candidates enroll for the review course, you need to check whether other candidates who enrolled for that particular review course have passed the exam.

Find out whether the course publishes the exam pass rate of the students who have enrolled themselves in it for the exam. Excellent course providers will always know their pass rate and also track their students’ performance so that they can assess the effectiveness of their course.

  1. The cost of the course

While the cost should not be the ultimate factor in your selection process, you also need to think about it. You need to compare course costs, guarantees and the qualifications of the instructors. The qualifications of the course instructors can be a measure of value.

  1. Does the course provider allow you to preview it before you buy it?

If you can be allowed to preview the course before you purchase it, check whether the preview offers a complete demonstration of the course. If you will be required to order the preview, consider the amount of time it will take to get it. A delay in the delivery of the preview will show the quality of the review provider’s customer service.

  1. Who are the instructors?

Find out whether the course uses full-time professors who are proficient in helping students and teaching exam review courses. If yes, are you able to access these professors in case you need help?

  1. Who are the authors of the CPA exam review courses?

Can the course provider let you know who the authors of the review course are? Do they have experience in teaching CPA exam review classes in universities? Can you access the authors in case you need to ask them some questions?