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How to choose the right Software Development Company?

Few decades ago, the world was huge, today it is much smaller. Of course, this is not about the size of our blue planet, but about the fact that the global network brings together people from all over the world. More and more meetings are organized in the form of videoconferencing, group cooperation can take place via Slack, and cheap air tickets can get to the other end of the world within a few hours. Therefore, the location of Software House is no longer of key importance. More important are other features that prove professionalism. Here are some tips on what to pay attention to when choosing Software House.

Implemented projects and clients reviews

Before you decide to choose the right Software House, it is worthwhile to find out what the company that we consider to be a service provider can boast about. Software outsourcing is currently very popular, therefore an experienced and professional company should present completed projects. While verifying the previous work, it should be checked whether the company has implemented projects that may be consistent with the needs of the recipient of the service. Of course, not only the number and type of implementation is important. Customer opinions are also very important. Both good and bad opinions are of huge importance. The fact how the company responded to these negative opinions can explain a lot. Unfavourable opinions, of course, should arouse vigilance, it is worthwhile to verify during the conversation how Software House refers to issues that have been assessed badly. A large number of good opinions definitely testifies well to the company. It is worth remembering that people are often more willing to share their dissatisfaction. Among professional companies you can find many Software House from Central and Eaestern Europe, including Poland. Companies from this region of the world are famous for their very good quality software code and competitive hourly rates.

Type and number of questions asked at the initial offer stage

Another aspect worth noting is the way the company that is to prepare the software conducts the interview. It is well known that software development is a demanding task, especially if it is custom and dedicated software. An experienced company conducts the interview efficiently. Questions are clear to the recipient of the service. What is more, you can see at a glance whether the representatives of a given Software House know what to ask about. Of course, a good sign is the willingness to learn about the needs and specificity of the company that wants to purchase software. Without this knowledge, it’s impossible to create software tailored to customer requirements. It is not only the type of questions that counts, but their number. Although the questions may seem to be relevant and correct in terms of content, it is hard to imagine creating software based on answers to a few questions. To sum up, it is important to get involved and to know the client’s needs in order to create software that meets his expectations.

Specialization in specific technology

Software companies usually specialize in several technologies or industries. Of course, there are companies providing software that will take care of everything. Sometimes they will actually meet various tasks, but often it is not a good sign. It is better to choose a company specializing in specific technologies because it will have experience useful in creating a specific project. Many Software Houses specialize in narrow areas, so they are real specialists in their work. . Extensive experience in one field, such as creating e-commerce systems or CRM management support systems, attracts customers interested in these solutions, using advanced event driven architecture (what is event driven architecture) for development and at the same time allows them to gain further experience in a given field.

If you choose a software company, you can also ask your befriended managers or call the clients of the Software House. Opinions on the web, and project verification are important, but first-hand information will always be the best solution.