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How to Boost Your Android Phone Performance

Most likely, you checked the performance of your Android phone before you purchased it. And you loved it. But over time, your smartphone started to show its age. Now you have to wait minutes till it opens your favorite messenger, the battery runs out quickly, finding what you need becomes a nightmare. This is annoying.

But is that a reason to buy a new phone?

Not really. There are certain ways to fasten your device before you get rid of it. They are simple and won’t take much of your time. And you will love the results.

So, here is what you can do.

  1. Get rid of the apps you don’t use.

There are many apps that reside inside your phone and are active all the time. This is a drag for your phone’s hardware. Once you uninstall them, your phone will work faster.

  1. Keep your phone updated.

Treat your smartphone as a computer. Upgrade it regularly to have the latest performance improvements.

  1. Avoid updating the phone too often.

How does it correlate with the previous point? Well, if your device has no space for storage or it is a bit old, upgrading will only make it slower because upgrades need extra space. So, be smart and find a proper balance.

  1. Use an antivirus.

A strong antivirus will protect your device from the majority of online threats. But this is not its only advantage. A good antivirus, such as Total AV antivirus will serve as your phone’s optimizer. Once you start using it, you will notice that your smartphone became faster.

  1. Upload lighter versions of apps

Majority of apps have light versions. Uploading those instead of ‘heavy-weights’ will boost your Android phone’s performance.

  1. Restart your phone

Alike to computers, a simple restart is often enough to make your device operate faster. When you reboot your smartphone, all temporary files will be gone. Needless to say, it will make your Android faster.

  1. Reset your phone

This is an option for those devices that became so slow that they can hardly do basic operations. To make it work faster, do a factory reset. This can be done either by using factory reset in the Settings of your phone or by booting into recovery mode. The first option is soft and will simply reset your device setting as well as wipe the data on it. The second variant will provide a deeper cleaning. Don’t forget to back up your data first!

  1. Unclutter your device

Don’t keep all your stuff on the smartphone. The new trend is to use a cloud for files, videos, images etc. You may access the cloud from any device and will keep your smartphone’s internal storage clean. Remember that it is an internal memory that plays a big role in the performance of your Android phone.

  1. Prolong the battery life

A moribund battery makes your phone almost dead too. A solution can be to carry a portable charger. But you may also turn off Wi-Fi when you don’t need it or run the power-saving mode.