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How Legal Driving Regulations Protect Us

Many people are understandably frustrated when confronted with driving regulations. While the system can sometimes be abused, the rules of the road have an important function in law and order. There are several ways that they protect citizens.

Keeping Unsafe Vehicles Off the Road

States typically require that vehicles pass an annual inspection. Some states require two inspections per year. This is a measure to prevent older automobiles from malfunctioning and causing a collision. Also, many owners would neglect the necessary repairs. Some critics may reply that people would get the repairs without the intervention of the state. But that may not be the case. People are not likely to spend money until they absolutely must. State inspections create that necessity and facilitate better automobile conditions.

Preventing Incapacitated Driving

Drunk driving is a major problem. It does not take much research to discern that alcohol slows the driver’s reaction time and impairs judgment. Police departments have rightfully imposed stricter penalties on those charged with a DUI or DWI. That is why anyone who gets charged with a DUI might need the help of a lawyer, who has the required knowledge and sufficient experience to tackle such cases (like someone from the Salwin Law Group–

However, some might rejoin that regulations do not have much of an impact. People still drink while inebriated despite the law. But it seems difficult to assess how different the situation would be in the absence of that law. One could imagine that there are plenty of would-be drunk drivers that were deterred by the possibility of getting arrested.

Holding Guilty Parties Responsible

Free citizens enjoy what is known as property rights. They have the right to operate their private property without interference. If another party were to damage the citizen’s private property, that party would be held accountable. This is a useful principle, as automobile damages can be pretty expensive.

In the absence of these regulations, the guilty party could hit a citizen’s vehicle and refuse to make a payment. But with a law that regulates these practices, citizens can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the other party is guilty. Many wisely opt for a collision attorney in this situation.

Identifying Other Vehicles

The argument to abolish driving regulations usually focuses on property rights. They will suggest that citizens have the right to operate their private property without being regulated by the state. But if there were no regulations, there would likewise be no mandate to put license plates onto vehicles. This would make it very difficult to identify drivers. If someone were committing a crime in a vehicle, they would be more likely to get away without being identified. This means that the work of attorneys such as Jonathan Groth in Milwaukee would be much more difficult.

Keeping Bad Drivers Off the Road

The courts have the authority to suspend driving privileges. This typically occurs after an individual is caught driving under the influence or has an outstanding fine. Alternatively, bad drivers can sometimes be asked to retake their test to prove their capability, but it can take time to get a test and, in the meantime, the driver’s license can be confiscated. It can help to search “when is the next driving test available” to help speed things up if you’re desperate to drive again, but bad drivers really need to learn their lesson the hard way. These penalties promote safer driving habits and a more hospitable roadway.

Political philosophy can be a complicated topic. But these regulations are there for a reason. Many citizens call on trained attorneys to navigate through the regulations and stand in their defense.