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How better health and safety management benefits your business

Many business owners who are looking into their company’s health and safety policy are overly concerned with the compliance aspect of health and safety. Many end up spending time filling in risk assessments and health and safety policies that never gets looked at more than once.

Whilst these are important they are not concerning the improvement of health and safety practices within an organisation. Keep reading to find out some of the actionable benefits of improving the HSE practices in your business.

David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Engage EHS, knows the importance of safety in the business. He claims that “the role of safety in business is vitally important. It is imperative that we are proactive in developing a positive safety culture in our businesses. What we need is a genuine cultural shift, and this can have a profound impact on not just our workers, but also other KPIs such as consumer confidence and reputation.”

Decreased recruitment costs through better staff retention

One of the key areas where many businesses could save money is through recruitment. Research suggests that employees are much more willing to stay at a company if they feel safe in the workplace. This incorporates all aspect of health and safety, ranging from the physical environment to the safeguards surrounding the mental health of the employees.

If you increase employee retention with more internal promotions you lose the drop in productivity inevitable with getting new members of staff up to speed. You also save on the cost of ads


Increased productivity for the business

In many organisations with poor management of health and safety employees spend a lot of time making sure there work is safe from a personal point of view rather than performing the actual work. This reduces the productivity of your company. Providing your employees with a safe workplace has proven links to increased morale and a more productive workforce.


Reduction in the insurance costs of your organisation

Accidents in the workplace are bad for your business both from a PR and financial standpoint. Investing in good HSE practices is not only good for your employees but also the long term stability of your company. Maintaining a good level of health and safety management within an organisation may help to reduce your insurance premiums which will increase the cash in your company.

The business benefits of improving health and safety are plain to see however many businesses do not go beyond the compliance aspect of the subject. To find out more about some actionable ways to improve health and safety including better human performance and increased technological innovation visit the HSE Network.