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Every Warehouse Must have a Pest Control Plan, Here’s why

The purpose of keeping your warehouse pest-free is to ensure your employees work in a healthy environment, and goods stored remain safe. However, pest control in a warehouse environment is not all that rosy – it is challenging as warehouses are prone to repeat infestations.

Research suggests that warehouse pest infestation causes a 30% loss in goods stored. Why? Well, warehouses are vast, there are several dark cracks for pests to hide and reproduce. You might need to utilize the warehouse’s portable man lifts and ladders to reach the corners and eliminate the infestation. Operating a warehouse without a professional pest control program is setting up a business for failure. There are financial risks, as well as the likelihood of business shut down due to infestation. This is the main reason you should contact a reputable company that specializes in ant control in Detroit to ensure your warehouse is free from pests.

Read on to find out why every warehouse must have a pest control plan.

Property Damage

Pests, especially rodents like mice and rats, continuously chew into goods, be it cardboard, wood, or even concrete as they scavenge for food. This leads to a lot of stored products being labeled as spoiled since they cannot be sold in a damaged state. So, it is crucial for warehouse authorities to put an end to the pest problem with the help of an expert Exterminator. Otherwise, the warehouse might face severe financial implications in terms of losses.

Termination of Contracts

Warehouses and godowns are usually the best option for business transiting lots of goods. They provide alternative storage at an affordable price compared to leasing office space. However, pest-infested warehouses where lessees continuously experience damages to product risk contract termination.

Increased Costs for Treatments

With a professional pest control plan in place, the budget for pest control can be very minimal. However, if a warehouse waits until the area is pest infested to begin treatments, the management may have to spend a lot more cash to get rid of pests. Parasite and pests multiply quickly, and they would have made the warehouse their home. Therefore, you will be having pests in every corner of the warehouse, and it will cost more to flush them out thoroughly.

Loss of Customer Trust

Even if you get things under control after several bad strings with pest infestations, trying to reach out to old clientele to renew their contracts with your warehouse may turn out to be complicated. It may have taken you years to establish trust with these customers, but damage to their business goods will lead to loss of confidence in your business capability. Trust is like a sellotape stuck to a board; once removed, it’s hard to hold back.

Contamination of Products

Rodents are carriers of several hazardous diseases – including the hantavirus, Weil’s disease, and salmonella, among others. Cockroaches, too, carry disease-causing bacteria, parasitic worms, and viruses. A heavy presence of pests in your warehouse means there is a likelihood of goods being contaminated with these diseases. Your warehouse will be putting the lives of thousands of consumers at risk. Therefore, it might be advisable to hire Pest Control Experts who can exterminate pests and make your warehouse goods safe from being contaminated.

Prosecution and Business Closure

The presence of pests in your warehouses will attract the attention of health authorities who will not hesitate to have your warehouse shutdown. Warehouses that handle foodstuff are subject to routine audits by environmental health authorities. If investigations find evidence of heavy infestations, then your business risks prosecution for flaunting health rules and a possible permanent shutdown.