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Allow Your Employees to be Freer When Brainstorming Marketing Ideas

Discussing marketing ideas could be a tense situation, especially if the marketing team cannot agree on anything. They might end up fighting with each other about who has the best ideas. If you are leading the group, you cannot solve this problem by limiting the people involved. Instead of bringing out their creative juices, you would be preventing them. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be freer during the brainstorming stage of the process.

At this point, the ideas will still get refined. You do not need to worry that some ideas seem crazy or overwhelming. Telling employees that their ideas are terrible will only prevent them from thinking creatively in the future.

Throw anything at the wall

Keep throwing ideas around and find out which of them stick. Even the best marketing campaigns done in the past started that way. They were also crazy ideas that got polished until they became a masterpiece. Your marketing team is not regular employees who do routine tasks. These are artists who have tons of ideas in mind. The last thing you want an artist to experience is a limitation on what they can do.

Some of them work by getting everything off their mind and deciding which of those ideas they will move forward with. It is also why the brainstorming aspect of the task alone might take a lot of time. You should encourage them to not only look at digital marketing choices but also at traditional marketing as they can still have an impact. For example, banners and billboards are seen as popular even in the modern age, plus, vehicle advertisement can work as well with the right strategy in place.

Some may see this as a stretch, but, that doesn’t mean it won’t bring in business. If you are interested, go online and search for something similar to “vehicle graphics Winston Salem“, or wherever your business is based, and speak to the experts to see what can be made of this.

You need to be encouraging

As a leader, it’s essential for you to serve as a source of motivation. It’s crucial that your team doesn’t perceive you as someone who dismisses their ideas prematurely, as this approach could foster a toxic work environment. Your goal should be to foster an environment where everyone feels empowered to express their thoughts.

Say that you own a real estate company aiming to leverage its customer base through strategic marketing to drive revenue growth. To achieve this, it’s imperative that your team is not only motivated but also encouraged to contribute their ideas. By creating an atmosphere where their input is valued, you’re likely to receive a highly positive response. This could lead to suggestions such as utilizing in-office elevator screen advertising, designing banners, crafting compelling flyers, and exploring various other innovative avenues. Undoubtedly, all of these strategies would significantly contribute to achieving your business’s marketing and revenue objectives.

Certainly, you must have grasped the significance of fostering encouragement by now. If yes, then make it a point to follow this by heart.

Be clear about the process

Although you are less stringent at this stage of the campaign plan, you also need to be clear with everyone that these ideas will not be the same after the entire process. They will go through refinement stages, which will also involve all members of the marketing team. If possible, you need to set a timeline to avoid delays. Sometimes, the brainstorming stage could be so much fun that the team forgets there is a deadline to meet.

Crazy ideas could be gold

When you prevent people right from the start, you might lose a diamond in the rough. Some ideas look terrible at first, but when given a chance, they start to look amazing. Therefore, you need to suspend judgement until you understand what your employee wants to say with those crazy ideas.

When it comes to banner printing or any other marketing campaign, you need to be open-minded as a leader. Try your best to listen to everyone in your team and find out their reasons behind the ideas. It takes time to get results, but everything will be a success once you get there.