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A Community Based Approach to Business

At the risk of giving away some trade secrets here, I’m going to isolate and discuss one specific area encompassed by the broader scope of time management as our business offering, bringing into focus the community based approach to business. That’s basically what sets successful companies apart from others and successful too. You have to approach your business dealings from the point of view of contributing to your community, but of course that can mean your targeted community is indeed a broad one, if you have ambitions of tapping into the global market.

The fundamentals of the community based business approach

Fundamentally it goes all the way back to the earliest days of the formalised business and corporate worlds we’re now accustomed to, and perhaps even earlier than that if you were to jump into a time machine and visit some rural villages as far afield as Africa. How things played out was that there wasn’t really a single-minded focus on simply surviving and generating wealth for any ambitious individual engaged in enterprise. Even professionals – if you qualified as a doctor or a lawyer, for example, two career paths which remain very prestigious to this day, it wouldn’t be with the primary view of becoming wealthy. Rather, you’d pursue those or any other career paths so that you could contribute positively to your immediate community.

That’s why there were pretty much elementary or primary schools which every kid in the neighbourhood would attend and then progress to the neighbourhood high school before maybe then heading far and wide to get their college education. After college, you’d usually come back home and establish a career locally, servicing your home town and then contributing to the local economy in that way. So the value of the community increased overall with each increase in the skills gained by any member of that community.

Keeping tabs on the global business community

Whether you see it as a positive or negative thing, as a result of the increasingly interconnected world we’re living in with the internet, a vast road network locally and continentally, and jet air travel, communities now know no real bounds and they can spread far and wide. If for instance you want what you think would be better medical care for you or a loved one then you can even go as far as jumping on a plane and flying to another state or another country altogether.

For any new business to thrive or for any established business to survive and keep thriving however, we have to take things back to the community based approach to conducting the business. If you’re in Cleveland for some medical treatment, for example, and due to the large volume of patients who are treated resulting in a less personalized approach to the classic doctor-patient relationship, you would turn to a Cleveland medical negligence lawyer to handle your case for you if needs be. This suggests that the community based approach can now be witnessed in somewhat of the secondary markets in this increasingly globalised world we live in.