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5 Tools to Help Get Your Office in Order

There are so many things in the office that can distract you from work: incoming emails, office gossip, and phone calls, to name a few, but it shouldn’t be your messy workspace. An unorganized office can lead to a lack of focus and productivity, as you struggle to find things you lost in the shuffle or space to do your job. You could swipe everything from your desk into the trash for a fresh start, but that could cost you important documents or useful items.

Instead, try to make the most of the space you have by investing in organizational tools such as a Custom server rack, file organizers, or even just labeled boxes. Taking the time to organize your space will help you remain productive and make it easier to find the things you need. That being the case, let’s check out some of the tools in detail that can help you get organized.

  1. Monitor stand

Depending on the size of your desk and monitor, your monitor can take up a lot of space on your desk, especially if you have two monitors. That’s when a monitor stand can come in handy. A monitor stand provides extra room on your desk by elevating your monitors, leaving room for you to store items underneath it. Some stands, like this one, even have drawers or extra shelving in them for more storage.

  1. Cord organizer

Tired of getting your feet tangled up in all of your computer cords? There are several different types of cord and cable organizers available to give you more space on and around your desk.

For example, you could try a cable management sleeve that zips all cables and cords together or a loft organizer that hangs off the back of your desk and provides a slot for your power strip. It also allows you to wrap excess cords around it, so they aren’t hanging on the floor or taking up space on your desk.

  1. Hanging folders

Often times, the main culprit of office clutter is paperwork. Get a small filing cabinet and use hanging file folders to organize those documents. Don’t just put the paperwork in a file and close the cabinet. Be sure to go through the papers and label the files so that you can easily find the documents when you need them again.

  1. Drawer separators

It can be hard to find a pen, calculator or even a paperclip if everything is scattered in a drawer, but a drawer separator can block off areas of your drawers to make the perfect fit for any item. You can get various trays to put in any drawer, piece together different plastic trays to organize your supplies or make your own with cardboard boxes.

  1. Digital calendar

Missed appointments or a double-booked conference room can easily cause confusion in an office. A digital calendar can help organize your time and get all employees on the same page.

There are several different apps office staff can download and schedule reminders for meetings and deadlines. In addition to calendars, many of the apps also offer other features such as to-do lists, invites and email.

Getting organized is key to being productive and successful in the office. Whether it’s piles of papers, project management or even a cluttered desktop, disorganization comes in many different forms, but there is help available. Hopefully, these tools can assist in making you more efficient and productive.