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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Venture

More customers are shopping online for products, items and services than ever before. From daily groceries to bespoke kitchens, it’s all being bought online. E-commerce is the main street of the future and if your venture doesn’t have an outlet on the internet, then you aren’t likely to be making as much as you could be. This article provides five ways to improve an existing e-commerce business and considerations to make as you embark on an e-commerce adventure.

  1. Make payments easier. If consumers are going to buy from you, it needs to be an easy process. The worst online shopping experiences are those that make it difficult for the customer or buyer to transact and hand over their money. Having got the customer to your site, made the sale, and having them ready to provide card details and complete their purchase, the process of making an online payment must be seamless and easy. If it’s not simple, the buyer is likely to simply find somewhere else to spend their money. You must thus ensure that payments are straightforward and stress free.
  2. Cybersecurity. Online shopping must be a safe and secure process, and your customers need to know this. Ensure that geographically specific cybersecurity certificates are prominently displayed along with a good vpn and a sturdy network security system are in place to show that you take cybersecurity seriously. Your business’s cybersecurity team should assess all security risks and vulnerabilities. With the increase in chargeback and ‘card not present’ fraud, having a professional chargeback management process must also form part and parcel of any e-commerce security protocol.
  3. Improve customer service. Having good customer service isn’t enough; it needs to be great. Many companies use the best phone answering services to reduce waiting time for customers in need It’s an easy way to stand out from your competitors and can be the difference between e-commerce survival and e-commerce success. There are those that will need assistance in store and regardless of whether the store is virtual or not, you need to be able to help those who want to spend in your store. The trend is to have a chat bot that can efficiently, automatically deal with customer queries and assist them to complete purchases and track a delivery.
  4. Use social media. The lines between e-commerce and social media have been steadily blurring and social media is one of the biggest ways to sell today. It’s being called social commerce and it’s all the rage because as people spend increasing amounts of time online, they look for ways to simplify their shopping experiences and want to be able to shop essentially directly from their social media, links and feeds. Having a presence on social media is a great start, but think about how to integrate your online shop with your social media and who can be linked with to improve the brand and make use of influencer marketing.
  5. Use known platforms. Nobody wants to shop in some obscure marketplace. Having your products on known platforms as well as your own, provide an extra opportunity to be found and purchased.

These are five simple considerations that can be made to ensure that your e-commerce venture is given the best chance of success in what is a highly competitive environment and sector.