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4 alternatives to smoking cigarettes

Are you looking for an alternative to a boring cigarette? Maybe you’ve got friends who are using different instruments to get their hit and want to know how it all works? Read on for 5 alternatives to smoking bog standard tobacco cigarettes.


Bongs are an alternative way to smoke tobacco but are also used to smoke cannabis (available at platforms similar to mmjexpress) in some places. A bong is also known as a ‘water pipe’ and is sometimes referred to in slang as a billy, bing, binger and more.

In fact, they can be used to dab concentrates as well. Concentrates are usually vaporized, which reduces the number of carcinogens inhaled. This is significant for those who want the effects of cannabis without inhaling smoke. You can find various types of cannabis concentrates on websites like Nowadays bongs come in many shapes, sizes and colours but the most common ones are hand-blown from glass by artists who blend art and science, creating pieces that are both spectacular and functional. Throughout the years bongs have been made from wood, bamboo, ceramics and even plastic.


E-cigarettes (or electronic cigarettes or ‘smokeless’ cigarettes) are an alternative method of consuming nicotine, the highly addictive chemical found in tobacco. They are often designed to look like regular cigarettes however they contain no tobacco and don’t require any flame at all.

It is a battery powered device that converts ‘e-juice’ (liquid nicotine) into a vapour that the user then inhales. There is no flame, no smoky smell and no ash. E-cigarettes have been proven not to contain the majority of harmful chemicals that are present in a tobacco cigarette such as tar and carbon monoxide. There are different kinds of vapes, some of which can even be used to smoke dry cannabis herb or concentrates (


From a design standpoint nothing is more simple than a chillum. It is more or less a pipe in the form of a straight, short tube. Air flows straight from one end to the other via an end-to-end tunnel.

They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Some of them rather spectacular. They are a true party piece. A chillum is different to other pipes for one big reason. A more traditional pipe has a bowl that’s at a 90% angle to the stem of the pipe. When you are holding the bowl, the flower sits on top and you are supposed to suck the flame down into it.

However, with a chillum the bowl is just the conical end of the tube. Imagine it as a huge glass cigarette. It’s a design that usually trips up newcomers so make sure you do your research.


Steamroller pipes are not for the faint hearted. They are renowned for delivering a hardcore hit. This may have obvious appeal but if you’re a rookie you may find a hit from a steamroller to be much too intense and it can have a harsh impact on the throat and lungs. It isn’t the kind of refreshing hit you would get from a water pipe or a vaporizer. Steamrollers are known as the juggernauts of smoke.

You can get a steamroller pipe in all sorts of sizes. They are most commonly found make out of glass however it is possible to get pipes made from wood, bamboo and even clay in rare cases. The simple design allows of intuitive use. You light the bowl, pulling from the end whilst using a hand to cover the other end and then once the chamber is filled with smoke you release the hand to inhale the smoke. If you are a newbie to smoking perhaps consider this option last but if you are a veteran and you’re looking for a new piece – this could be for you.

The key to trying any new product is making sure you have the best quality kit. If you aren’t sure where to begin Smokea offers a fantastic selection at a range of prices, so depending on your budget, you can get the best product for your money.