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3 Simple Tricks to Help You Finish Your Work Faster at Home

Poor time management is one of the most common issues at any workplace, but there are ways to get around it. Admittedly, the exact efficacy of the methods will vary, depending on the kind of work that you do. Nevertheless, the three simple tricks we are about to discuss should be able to help almost anyone finish their work faster at home, as long as their work is closely tied to computer use.

Upgrade Your Internet Speed

Most of us work via cloud-synced, interconnected digital platforms, and that goes for everyone from regular office employees to distant remote employees. Sometimes these platforms might not always work at their fastest, and it may be due to poor internet speeds. Now, you may be wondering what the various reasons for slow internet are. Well, there are a few different possibilities. To start with, every time you log in to the system with your employee ID, a significant percentage of your ISP-allocated bandwidth is taken up to maintain a seamless connection between the company’s main cloud software system(s) and your computer.

Once the essential, secondary software services (email clients, antimalware, B2B SaaS services, video conferencing apps, etc.) begin to load and refresh in the background soon after, even more of the internet connection’s bandwidth must be dedicated to keeping them working and responding with fluidity.

The issue is that we often don’t realize how demanding a combination of all that can be on the internet connection. Therefore, if the internet speed is not fast enough, it will lead to:

  • Delays in loading time
  • Lags and freezes
  • Loss of data due to delayed synchronization
  • Loss of fluidity
  • Loss of concentration and workflow

By shifting to the best internet provider Mesa AZ has to offer, you can eliminate annoying delays, waiting times, and lags completely. The impact can make time management surprisingly easier. You will now have more time to finish your work, without having to stretch any deadlines.

Upgrade Your Computer’s Storage

We focus so much on the CPU, GPU, and RAM, that we don’t always realize how much of an impact the storage has on a computer’s working speed. Irrespective of how powerful your PC’s processors might be, or how much RAM it might have, local apps, files, and folders will never be able to run at optimum speeds if you are still using outdated storage technology. The computer will also boot and reboot at a snail’s pace, especially as the hard drive begins to fill up with more data.

Check to see if your laptop or desktop is still running the OS on a SATA HDD. If it is, then that could be a problem. Change to a solid-state drive (SSD) and the speed boost on the old PC may surprise you. They are also a lot less likely to fail suddenly, which prevents important data loss. Whether you are streaming, creating, or working, the local content will load and process at a much higher speed, thus making it possible for you to finish work earlier.

The Small Goal Rule

There are several ways in which you can improve your time management skills using the small goals rule. From the Pomodoro Clock to the 80/20 rule, they all share the same core principles. The idea is to set small goals and a deadline for each small goal first. Then, the period between your starting time and your set deadline for each of those small goals must be divided into interchanging, small periods of work and breaks. The small goals methods help you hold your attention, while also managing that innate tendency to lose focus.

Try these ideas to see if you can start managing your time a lot better.