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3 reasons to try body to body massage

We often think about massage as a therapeutical session in a strictly physical sense. During the massage, our muscles finally release the tension that is an integral element of modern lifestyle; the spine, usually held in uncomfortable positions, finally can regain a balance.

Table of contents

  1. Body to body massage improves the quality of sleep

  2. Body to body massage works as a meditation

  3. Body to body massage is exciting!

However, we shouldn’t forget about the psychological benefits. Especially when it comes to the body to body massage – a tantric technique with a long tradition and a lot of different variants. Also, with sites like listing various massage centers based on specific regions, finding the right center that offers body-to-body massage might not be a difficult option these days. The therapeutical power of touch is often underestimated but in fact, it can improve the quality of life and health. When it comes to tantra massage, the number of benefits, compared to the traditional ones, is even bigger as the number of contact points grows radically. The detailed list of Warsaw tantra massage types can be found on

Body to body massage improves the quality of sleep

It’s not very likely that during the massage you’ll feel like sleeping – but after you’ll certainly sleep like a log. The reason behind it is the influence of complex touch. The tantra massage can work like a sleeping pill or even like cannabis (those interested can click here to learn more about it) in inducing quality sleep. While reasons for insomnia can be various, it is proven that a good intense touch reduces the stress and tension that are its most common causes.

Body to body massage works as a meditation

It’s hard to connect these two dots – in fact, we usually perceive meditating as a solitary activity that requires perfect silence and peace. Another thing is that the core of meditation is the lack of movement while tantra massage is based on it. However, numerous researchers show that the body to body massage can influence the brain exactly the way that meditation does. It lifts the number of endorphins and serotonin. It provides a relaxation deeper than the deepest sleep. And furthermore – it brings your mind to a higher level! During meditation, the brain changes its frequency of work to so-called alpha, which increases the mental abilities and enhances your creativity.

Body to body massage is exciting!

When it comes to creativity – it’s worth mentioning that the tantra massage is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for your own erotic life. A visit to an erotic spa can be a trigger for the development of your sexual creativity. If you are someone who normally relies on self-pleasure with the help of SEXM.XXX or similar sites, and sex toys, an erotic body to body massage could be something worth exploring. You will get to learn how physical touch can arouse you and help you reach the heights of stimulation and pleasure without actually indulging in sex.

Moreover, tantra teaches us a different approach to touches. We start to focus more on the various received stimuli and enjoy them more, instead of pursuing the final part of the act.